March 15th – Ides of March Contest

It’s March 15th and time for my Ides of March Contest!

Remember poor Julius Caesar and what happened to him on the Ides? Well, did you have a day where nothing went right? Or is there a moment where you were embarrassed beyond all belief?

Tell us a little bit about it today by midnight EST (or just drop by and leave a comment) and you could win the following:

DARKNESS CALLS (UK edition) autographed by Caridad
DREAMS AND DESIRES anthology autographed by Lois Winston
KISSES TO GO autographed by Irene Peterson
OVER THE MOON autographed by Virginia Kantra
TWO WEEKS WITH A STRANGER autographed by Debra Mullins

To get you all started, here’s one of my most embarrassing moments!

I had lost some weight and was on my way to work. Suddenly I felt something sliding down beneath my dress and I couldn’t get a hold of it. Next thing I knew, I was standing at the exit to the subway station with my slip down around my ankles. Somehow I managed to step out of it before anyone noticed (or if they did, no one did a thing in typical New York style!)

Do you have a moment like this that you would rather forget? If you do, spill the beans for us.

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  1. Good website, exactly where did you arrive up because of the info in this part? I’m pleased I identified it even though, ill be checking back soon to observe what other content articles youve probably.

  2. I have to say talking about someone and finding out they are standing right behind you. thanks for a chance at some great books.

  3. You must have died when he said, here’s the local news. You sound like you have an amazing job and congrats on the MTV short film win. You must tell me when it is on so I can let everyone know to go watch it!

  4. Not too late. You had until 12 EST and this was a good story. Cultural differences can often create misunderstandings between people.

    We had one French lady in our office tell a tale of advising a gentleman caller that she just had to “douche” meaning shower in French. He must have thought he was going to be one lucky guy! LOL!

  5. During my junior year in high school, I had a part in a school play. My character was a fairy princess, and my costume was basically just glittery leotards. As with any leotards, I couldn’t wear anything underneath them, and I’d have to pull the whole thing down to my ankles in order to use the restroom. Needless to say, this made bathroom breaks very awkward, so I’d usually try to drink as little as possible on performance days. Unfortunately, though, I broke my own rule at the worst possible time — during the final performance. That last performance was “The Big Day” — the day on which teachers, students, parents, siblings, and other family members would all be in attendance.

    To celebrate the event, our theater teacher brought us cake and soft-drinks beforehand. And because I’m an idiot who can’t resist free stuff, I ended up drinking several sodas shortly before the start of the play. While giving my performance, I could feel the pressure building in my bladder, but somehow I thought that I’d be able to hold it in until the end. By act 3, though, I was in serious pain, and I knew that I couldn’t wait any longer. During a brief section in which my character wasn’t on stage, I took the opportunity to hurry to the nearest bathroom…but it was occupied! At that point, I was a second away from peeing in my leotards. There was no way I could wait any longer, so I desperately began searching for an unoccupied room in which I could relieve myself. Just behind the stage, I found a small, dark, dusty storage room. In my desperation, it seemed like the perfect place for me. So I went into a corner and pulled my leotards down to my ankles. Before I could begin peeing, though, I realized that I was at risk of splashing urine on my costume, so I pulled my leotard off entirely, and tossed them onto a nearby chair. (I was now totally naked.) I thought I’d finally have a chance to pee, but before I could start, I heard someone approaching. It was my theater teacher, and he was saying, “Dara! Where the hell are you?! It’s almost time for you to go back onstage!” It sounded like he was about to enter the room. At this point, my fear, my embarrassment, and the pain in my bladder had completely addled my thinking. Nearby, there was a door to what I thought was a closet. Somehow, I thought that I’d be able to hide in there until my teacher left. So I opened the door and rushed through…but it wasn’t a closet. I was now ON THE STAGE! As soon as I saw the rows and rows of people staring at me, I completely froze, and my mind went blank. I could not move, or think, or even breathe. I didn’t even have enough sense to run away or cover myself. I just stood there completely exposed, and I was vaguely aware of shocked gasps and murmurs coming from the audience. At that point, my poor bladder just couldn’t take it any more, and I began peeing.

    As I write this, I can feel a sense of numb horror as I remember that experience. Everyone was staring at me, and I was totally, totally, naked…with my own urine running uncontrollably down my legs. I could faintly hear someone in the audience saying, “Is she…pissing on herself? Oh my God, she is!” The gasps and murmurs became much louder. I don’t really know what happened after that, because I fainted.

    From then on, I was the laughing stock of the school.

  6. It was my first time making love so I was a bit nervous.

    I slip on my condom and start working my way. It turns out there was some air in the condom and due to the pressure it exploded in her genitalia!

    Imagine it like this:

    I’m coming!!

    God that was embarrassing, I thought I had blown my thingy into bits!!

  7. Okay, so one time when I was at Tae-kwon-Do, our instructor brought out the sparring gloves and we got to spar! I love sparring. It’s my favourite part of Tae-kwon-Do. Well, right before Tae-kwon-Do I had wrestling practice and I am very lazy. I was too lazy to take my singlet off. So, I get paired up with Evan, who is the same belt level as me, but younger and way more…hyper. So he and I are sparring and he goes to kick my head. Me, being the big show off I am, decided that instead of blocking his kick and countering it, I was going to squat and jump up with an awesome kick. Well, I went to squat, and all of a sudden the whole gym goes quite.

    All you could hear was this big RIP!! I stood up and looked around. Everyone was staring at me and Evan was laughing. I had ripped my pants! The worst part was I was still wearing my singlet so everyone could see my shiny blue singlet. Everyone though I was wearing spandex underwear. Even worse, my crush is a black belt and was right beside me! Since there are so many yellow belts in our club, when we lined up at the end of class, everyone could see my “Spandex underwear!” I would have rather them had all seen the thong I was wearing!

    I was so embarrassed that I ordered a new uniform. I’m still waiting for it to come in to this day!

  8. Well, it was track season in Sixth grade and the girls had to work with the boys. I hated co-ed PE and thought that you always had to impress people to get them to like you.

    After we changed into our PE clothes and stretched we went out to the track to do discus. It was really hard and the disc was really heavy. It was then that I realized that my bra had come undone and was hanging by a string. I couldn’t re-hook it now because all the boys were watching, so when it came my turn I grabbed the discus and got ready to throw. My back was aching and I felt like I was going to puke – hoping that my bra wouldn’t come off.

    As soon as I threw it, my bra made a quick snapping noise, slid off my arms and down my shirt, landing on the ground.

    All the boys and girls started laughing (including the PE teachers).

    The bad part was it was pink and lacy!

  9. I don’t know if I can top some of these stories! I was in California last week, editing my short film (I won an MTV contest and they’re going to put the movie up on their The Stew website). The editor and I decided to walk out and get some lunch. We were talking and walking down the sidewalk, when I suddenly went airborne. Luckily, we were going through a residential area and I mostly hit grass. I had tripped over an uneven bit of pavement. Someday I going to break a hip, and that’ll be it for me.

    I produce a nightly newscast, and I’ve definitely had days when everything went wrong. Some days, every reporter’s story runs 20 seconds longer than I have allotted for it. Other days, everything is 20 seconds shorter. I don’t know which is worse. Sometimes we go to the live shot, and between the mic check right before the show and the actual live shot, the microphone has died. He’s talking, but nothing’s coming out. The first night of the Gulf War, ABC sent out two bulletins saying the network was staying with continuous coverage; they would not break away for local news. Two crew members had gone home, the studio lights were off, and I was about to walk down the hall to get paper for the fax machine, when Peter Jennings said, “Straight ahead, your local news.” The master control operators threw in about four minutes of promos while we got organized. Thankfully, my 10pm anchor had taped a 7-minute taped interview with our local Congressman, so as soon as we got on the air, he tossed to the tape, and that gave us time to figure out the rest of the show. I heard some stations had things a lot worse than we did. Talk about embarrassing.

  10. ooh, nice prize! I’d love to win the books. I only have one really embarrasing story. My husband and I were waiting outside a church for a wedding we were attending. My girlfriend was bringing along her new boyfriend. I walked up to meet him and my ankle turned in a crack on the sidewalk. I went down face first, belly down, body flat on the side walk. My husband helped me up and I had a huge whole in my nylons and my leg was bleeding along with my elbow. My purse was about three feet away with all the contents all over the ground. I started to cry. lol It hurt, but not enough to cry. Not only were my clothes a mess now, so was my makeup that had run down my face mixed with the tears.

  11. First, thank you everyone for making me laugh. I needed it. This morning, while walking, I found a penny. It was tails up. I should have left it on the ground. Son was sick and I ran late for work. I clipped the mirror on my husbad’s truck backing out of the garage. I got to work an hour late. Computer system was down and it’s payroll day. I’m the IT person among many other things. One our drivers was involved in an small accident. Another employee cut his finger and had to file a worker’s comp claim. And to top the day off, I was notified by the association who we buy our health insurance through that their contract with Blue Cross has been canceled and I need to find another source for health for our employees in ninty days.
    Thank God for Fridays and wine.

  12. Probably my worst embarrassing moment was on my first real date and my boob spilled ice tea in my lap. I was on a double date with my best friend. My date at the time was one of my best friends too that should have stayed friends only. He thought it was funny so he kept teasing me. And so when we pulled in the movie parking lot I got even. I dumped the rest of the tea in his lap. He thought that was funny too.

  13. Don’t know if I am too late to make my comment count for the drawing, but since so many people have come clean…

    One of my most embarrassing situations came with meeting my Fiancee’s boss and his wife. We had them over for dinner and the wife came into the kitchen to assist me with prep for the meal. We got to talking about differences in culture since they were from Europe. One of the things that I mentioned as a big difference was the relaxed drinking attitudes and the larger quantities imbibed.

    Apparently she took me to mean that I thought her husband was a lush (since he is apparently a slightly heavy drinker). She gave him a long sermon on their drive back home about not being a bad influence to my beloved. To this day, I still don’t know how she could have gotten that meaning from what I said. It was uncomfortable to meet with either the boss or his wife for years afterwards.

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