Fashion Friday – Kind of

Sammie my Fashion Friday columist is unfortunately still busy — BUSY PACKING FOR OUR TRIP TO ROME!

So, this is only kind of a Fashion Friday column as I’m going to take you to the home of Fashion Week in New York — Bryant Park.

When I was growing up it used to be called Needle Park because of all the drug dealers and prostitutes that worked the park.

Luckily, as part of the total renovation of Times Square and everything near it, Bryant Park has been restored to its Victorian Splendor. When it’s not being used for Fashion Week (which happens twice a year I believe), it’s a wonderful oasis right behind one of my favorite spots — the Public Library.

Here’s a picture and if this is working right, you should see it change if you visit again as it’s linked to a webcam that snaps off a shot every 10 minutes.

When spring arrives, I walk through the park every morning and see what’s blooming. This morning the daffodils and jonquils had popped up through the ivy-covered patches and were already starting to flower, bright yellow and white against the dark green of the ivy. Velvety violet-blue pansies have been planted in all the large pots scattered throughout the park along with some sculptured boxwoods. They’ll change out those plants for some summer color later on.

The fountain was back up and running at one end (you can see it at the far end of the picture below), flanked by some rather odd sculptures by Manolo Valdes.

During the summer, I sometimes grab my lunch and go there to join the hundreds of others who want to enjoy a spot on the lawn. At night they screen movies and Good Morning, America hosts concerts there on Friday mornings, so sometimes you see a star or two. I’ve caught Michelle Branch, Usher, Rascal Flats, and Jessica Simpson just to name a few.

So, that’s my Fashion Friday kind of column for the day. I hope to be writing soon, but remember that I’ll be away as well, so it might be a little rough.

I will fill you in on Rome and all my research for the next vampire book (as well as Secret Agent Reunion) when I get back.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Kind of”

  1. Thanks, Carol. The park is great now that they’ve fixed it up. It’s been kind of fun watching the picture change off and on during the day.

    I will send pictures of Rome soon. I am so excited!

  2. The park looks like a really nice place. I would enjoy going there.

    I hope you have a really nice trip! My daughter went to Rome two years ago and she loved it.

  3. Thanks, Rita. It’s about 2 long blocks away, but worth the walk to unwind. We also go to a smaller interesting little place called Tudor Greens and I will take a picture next time to share with you.

  4. Awesome, wish I had a park close to work that I could get away and just chill but thanks for the webcam ;o)

    Enjoy your trip with your family, have a safe and wonderful journey and I look forward to all the great books that will be coming our way *grin*

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