Fashion Friday – The Well-Dressed Fan

It’s Fashion Friday and we’re headed to a Mets game tonight to see my future son-in-law (according to my daughter) play with his newly shaved head! Which prompts the question, “What does the Well-Dressed Fan wear to a game?”

For starters, a baseball cap and/or t-shirt are a must! Easily affordable and enough to show your allegiance to your favorite team!

Have a favorite player? Then the next thing on your list is probably a jersey with his name and number on it.

For those cold days, like the last game we went to in mid-April where IT WAS SNOWING during the middle innings, some kind of sweatshirt or possibly a windbreaker.
Sammie wearing her Mrs. Wright Costume
Die hard fans will wear their colors all year with winter jackets festooned with the orange and blue (especially if their team did well that year).

Of course, there are the truly die hard fans. The ones who paint their faces and/or bodies. Or the ones who design their own unique fashion for the game! Like my daughter, shown here in her Mrs. Wright haute couture.

Regardless of what you wear, remember to enjoy the game and have some fun! Also, if you are going to buy team products, please buy from reputable dealers who sell authentic merchandise. No, it’s not just the trademark lawyer in me who recognizes that American companies lose BILLIONS of dollars from piracy. It’s the American who understands that the sale of pirated products supports illegal activities and terrorism. Did you know that part of the funds used to undertake the 1993 World Trade Center attack came from the sale of counterfeit products?

Have a great weekend! I’m off to speak in Pennsylvania on Saturday and on Sunday, I’ll be in Brooklyn planting flowers and veggies for the Scordato side of the family. So, in case I don’t get to post, I want to wish you all a joyful and happy Mother’s Day.