Guilty Pleasures Monday is MAD Crazy Monday today!

Sorry I’ve been silent, but I’ve been away for a few days to BookExpo America and having a blast. BUT . . .

thanks.gifBefore I get to all the happenings at BEA, I received wonderful news over the weekend! My friends at the NYC chapter of RWA have selected me as their author of the year and I will be receiving their wonderful award at the Golden Apple Awards on September 18th! OMG! Thank you to all my friends at the NYC chapter. YOU ROCK!!!

Now about BEA. . .

Had a blast signing BLOOD CALLS at the Harlequin booth on Friday morning and meeting so many of their wonderful sales people and product managers. It was so wonderful to hear their plans for all the books and their innovative strategies for THE CALLING and the Nocturne line.

Also got to meet Laura Anne Gilman, a fellow author for not only Nocturne, but several other lines. We talked for a little bit, but then got to talk a lot more at the Harlequin party on Saturday night.

After my signing I walked around checking out the various publishers and offerings. Picked up some books and lots of promotional materials. Went home exhausted and with tired puppies.

On Saturday, after finishing all the weekend chores, I was headed back into NYC for the Harlequin party at The Arena. Lots of fun. Met more marketing and sales people as well as some publicists and author friends who I don’t get to see often enough.

Finally, Sunday. The last day and I was back into Manhattan for a last look around the booths. I met some fascinating people who will be guest blogging here in the future! Also signed lots of copies of SEX AND THE SOUTH BEACH CHICAS at the RWA booth together with my friend, Debra Mullins, who was signing copies of her latest release – TWO WEEKS WITH A STRANGER.

In between all that, got to spend time with Niki Burnham and Anne Elizabeth, some of my writing friends from around the country. Also had the opportunity to meet Gerlyn Dawson who was so nice!! Last but not least, the wonderful women of RWA — Allison Kelley and Nicole Kennedy. THANK YOU! What a great job you did for all of us at the booth.

Anyway, here’s some shots from the weekend events! Hope you like them.

Me at the RWA Signing!

Anne Elizabeth, Garland Gray and Mary Beth Bass at RWA Signing

Wonderful Carole Carson, a new friend, with her book FROM FAT TO FIT

Partying at BEA with some friends, Shirley Hailstock and Candace Poarch

Laura Anne Gilman and me at the party!

Me and Marjeane from Harlequin at the paranormal hour signing

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  2. Caridad!!! Congratulations on your award. That is so well deserved ;o) for a fantastic writer and wonderful person!!!


  3. I did have a blast, but boy was it tiring and hot. NYC was in the midst of a heat wave and it was really really warm in some spots in the Convention Center.

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