Technology day! RSS Feeds

There’s one thing we can never get enough of . . .

Okay, all of you get your mind out of the gutter! The correct answer to the above is TIME! We are always running around, multi-tasking and wishing we had more time to check out this and that, etc. You get it.

So, today’s technology tip is about saving time.

How can you save time? By being able to keep up on your favorite blogs and news without every leaving your home page (if you’re using the Google, Yahoo or other personalized web page features which I would highly recommend). You can also do it by just looking for an RSS Feed Reader that suits your needs (like one that feeds into your Outlook program).

Okay — I can hear all of you saying that this sounds like a lot of work and work takes time and I don’t have enough time . . .

Yep, it will take a little work, but once you do it, you will be able to keep up on things from just one place! Doesn’t that sound great? (To a tech geek like me it sounds great!)

So, if you’re using Google or Yahoo or another personalized home page, you can add an RSS Feed to that page. Check with Google or Yahoo for their reader setup. They may even allow you to add news feeds from a list they already have.feeds.jpg

How about adding the feeds from the blogs and other sites you visit? Look for the Feed buttons on the blog or page you are visiting. They will look like these on the bottom of my blog sidebar (shown to the right here so you can see how they appear).

What next? Just click on the appropriate button. I use Google, so I clicked on that button and when it asked, “Add to your Google home page?” I said yes.

What happens next? When you return to your home page, you will either see the blog added to your home page or added to your RSS reader. Here’s some samples of what this may look like.

Blogs added to a Google Home Page

RSS Feeds in a Google RSS Reader

Once you get this set up, you can take a sneak peek at all your favorites from one easy location. If something interests you, just click on the link on your home page or reader to either display more of the feed or visit the original entry.

Hope this tech tip today was helpful!

6 thoughts on “Technology day! RSS Feeds”

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  3. Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
    Do you actually think I can understand this?
    Now I feel even more Luddite than ever.
    Maybe the kids can explain it to me all over again.
    They started updating my website, then stopped two weeks ago.
    (FYI–Luddites were anti-technology before technology was a word…they outAmish the Amish!)

  4. Thanks for the tip Caridad, this is very helpful … now if only I was not restricted at work, but good news is that I’m so close to getting a laptop for my own personal use at home – YAY! and this will then become very handy to know.

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