Wicked Wednesday – Those Wicked Celebrities Again

Wicked thoughts again on a Wicked Wednesday. Back to those celebrities once more as everyone tells me the judge did not heed our request and give Paris more than 45 days. In fact, he cut her sentence down to 23 days to be served in a “Cell” with another girl from a similar background. At least the legal system knows it’s time for some discipline.

So why do we follow Paris’s exploits? I guess because it’s annoying that someone born with a platinum spoon in her mouth doesn’t understand just how fortunate she is.

As for Britney and Lindsey — What fascinates us about them? What is it that makes us so interested in celebrities?

I’m sure psychologists somewhere will have some clinical definition for our fascination. I’ve decided to call it the Pluck or Luck It Could Be Me Syndrome. Let’s face it, there are every day people — like Brit and La Lohan — who by Pluck or Luck have managed to become rich and famous.

Inside of us is the Cinderella who says, if I keep on trying or if I’m lucky, I could be that way as well. We say to ourselves that even if I’m not so plucky or lucky, at least I’ll be better off than I am today.

And when people do manage to accomplish that Cinderella story and then seem on the verge of tossing it away, it pisses us off because we know that if we were in the same position, WE WOULDN’T throw it all away.

Or would we? How many times do you hear that tale about the Lotto Millionaire who is now bankrupt or who had nothing but bad luck since winning the lottery?

Does good luck suddenly turn bad when someone becomes rich and famous? What do you think? What would you do if by pluck or luck you found yourself in their shoes? Would you even want to be in their shoes?

Inquiring minds want to know.

P.S. — This inquiring mind also thinks that you make your own luck.

7 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – Those Wicked Celebrities Again”

  1. It is the simple things and of course, love.

    Love does make the world go around.

    I am so glad you won the prize and I wouldn’t hesitate to do the auction. It’s for such a good cause.

    Ooh, the best kisses — definitely the one with Michelle Branch singing in the background while they are in the Bronze. I’m going to track that down so we can all do AN ANATOMY OF A KISS. A good lesson for all of us! LOL!

  2. No way, chica! You don’t strike me as the kind to do that, but . . .

    Being a diva is one sure way to doom any career. I’ve heard people say, “Well I won’t make that change . . .” and I hear the sound of a career going down the toilet.

  3. Caridad!

    Hello my friend! Just had to jump in a make a few comments on your blog from the past week or so. Of course, I’m a day late and a dollar short natch! LOL

    I just watched that little Best Kisses on TV montage that you posted from last week. There are some hot ones on there but I have to agree with you that the Buffy/Spike kisses are the hottest by far. How dare they even suggest that it is as low as number 10? Also, I happen to think that their first kiss on the show when Michelle Branch is singing “Goodbye to You” is the most sensual kiss that they share. I’ve watched that scene about 40 dozen times. 🙂

    Anyway, I wanted to stop by and tell you that I’m so thrilled to have won your basket on the Juvenile Diabetes auction. Not only did it help to raise money for research to help find a cure for the dreaded disease (that my 6 yr. old daughter lives with every day) but I got cool stuff from one of my fave people…YOU! I’m so delighted! Thanks again for participating.

    Now, onto the celebrities in jail thing. I think it is all a big joke and makes a mockery of the criminal justice system. It just goes to show and prove that if you have enough money you can buy your way out of anything. I was thrilled that they were putting the spoiled brat in jail. What a surprise that she got out early! NOT! How lame is that?

    As far as making your own luck….I think that life just happens. I think that sometimes we go through periods of good luck and sometimes periods of bad luck. I’ve certainly had my share of each. I just think that people with a ton of money take life for granted. It is truly the simple things in life that make us really ultimately happy. IMHO.

    Love and hugs,

  4. I admit that one of my biggest fears it making it. Let’s say I can make it in the writing world, get the contract and the big advance. It scares me to death what that will do to me. Will I go crazy and toss it all away being all diva?

  5. It is really hard. Plus, we are harder on celebrities because they do have more than we do and that little green monster inside of us has a tendency to come out in force.

    Thanks for your opinion.

  6. You asked some good questions. I don’t think one really knows what they would do in any given situation until it really happens. It’s like playing along with game shows. It’s easy to say “go for it” when it’s not your money on the line lol. One always hopes they would act in a mature way. But it’s really hard not to judge others anyway.

  7. Totally agree with your last comment – it is all up to you.

    By 2cents worth is that society has put a stigma on that money is “bad” if you think about it, we start feeling guilty if we have too much of it – possibly then due to that “bad” luck follows. When you aspire to get more, others see you as “greedy and vain”, when you want to share for goodwill, some will judge you that you have too much money to burn. If only we wouldn’t let us control us so much, and get rid of them guilt trips.

    My belief has always been: If I want something, put the thought out there to the universe, and let it go (forget about what you’re asked for) and have faith that it will come forth. Yes some will say that’s naive for I do not say money doesn’t help but I don’t think its all up to luck – the You in You plays a big factor.

    Oh man, guess I’m was just so passionate on this topic *lol* That’s my view…

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