Manic Monday

I want to apologize to those of you who have been experiencing problems with the website off and on. It was a hosting issue and we are getting it fixed sometime in the next day or so. That means that any changes I make in the next day or so will disappear.

So, I will be posting the winner of the ghost contest on Wednesday to avoid any issue with losing the information!!

Thanks for your patience with this.


4 thoughts on “Manic Monday”

  1. This was really fun. I’m not surprised by my results, as I’m a big paranormal person.

    You’re 76% part Ghost Believer  You believe, but may be uncertain about certain aspects of the spirit world. You may have had an experience of your own and are still struggling a bit with that occurence.Ghost Week QuizSee All Our Quizzes

  2. Swell!!
    That way we will be celebrating
    Fourth of July with the winner as well…

    best wishes,


  3. No worries Caridad, guess we had some visits from the otherside *grin* on your board, especially as we were discussing something close to them.

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