Guilty Pleasures Monday – Mitch Lama from SECRET AGENT REUNION

mitch.jpgI’m back from vacation and will have some thoughts and pictures for you on Thursday. For today, I thought I’d share with you my inspiration for Mitch Lama, the hero from SECRET AGENT REUNION, which hits the stands on August 1.

Mitch is an ex-Army brat who became a ranger and best friend to Aidan Spaulding, who you may remember from MORE THAN A MISSION. Although Mitch was mentioned in the earlier book, he never made an appearance since in MISSION, Aidan thought that the Sparrow had killed his best friend Mitch.

The Sparrow, however, confessed to having loved Mitch as she lay dying in her sister’s arms.

Now who could resist a set up like that? I couldn’t, especially since in developing the backgrounds for the characters in MISSION, I discovered that Mitch was this incredibly honorable, loving and awesome man. And of course, totally sexy as you can see from this photo inspiration.

It was a delight for me to bring back the Sparrow and have her reunited with the lover that she thought dead. It made for a lot of sexual tension as they battle each other and the bad guys to find out who it is that tried to kill them both.

I just got the first review for SECRET AGENT REUNION from RT Booklcub who calls it “(A)n emotionally packed story. . .” and awarded it 4 stars

I’m so excited that they liked reading about Dani and Mitch. I had been itching to write their story since I finished MORE THAN A MISSION.

Hope you liked this Guilty Pleasure this Monday and look for some vacation thoughts and photos on Thursday!

Glad to be back with you. I missed chatting with all of you, but the internet connection at our vacation place was rather spotty.

8 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Mitch Lama from SECRET AGENT REUNION”

  1. OMG! Now that calls for great inspiration *drooling over keyboard*

    Welcome back Caridad … was seriously missing you awesome blog posts to keep me sane at work *lol*

  2. Glad to see that you are back, Caridad!
    We missed you, but hope you had a
    restful time.

    Pat Cochran

  3. I have been waiting for this one. Loved the first story. Spy vs. spy is my fav story line. Looking to see what magic you pulled with this one. The explaination of what really happened has got to be a doozy.

    Oh and Mitch looks hot. yummy abs:)

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