Thoughtful Thursday – Letting Go and Letting Grow

The Jeep with all the college stuffI hope you will forgive my lack of contact this week, only it has been a hectic week punctuated by lots of shopping and packing as well as dropping my one and only at college and then dealing with the aftermath — Cleaning her room! 🙂

My daughter in the Jeep with all her stuff!Actually, this Thoughtful Thursday is all about that momentous event in both our lives. It’s about the letting go and letting grow that will hopefully happen now that she must take charge of her life for the future.

It’s a scary thing on the part of a parent to let go, but essential. You have to trust that you’ve done all you could during the first 18 years of their life to raise someone who is thoughtful and responsible.

It’s a scary thing on their part. They are on their own and having to do for themselves. Growing as individuals on a daily basis as they put to use all those skills and lessons that you have taught them. As they let themselves grow.

Mets on the Field!Have we visited her already? Of course we have! It was her 18th b’day on Monday and we took her to a Mets game. Her request. We had a blast, even if the Mets lost. They seem to be doing a lot of that lately. They don’t have the magic and enthusiasm that they had last year although as fans, we still do.

For now, it’ll be a little bit until we visit again. I’m hoping for an e-mail or two or even a call. One that doesn’t ask for money or something she forgot!

What will I do now that the house is a little bit quieter and far emptier? Well, spend some more time with hubby again and even better, maybe write a few more books! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Letting Go and Letting Grow”

  1. A mojito sounds great! Just name the time and thank you for saying such wonderful things about my daughter. I know she’ll do well also.

  2. Caridad – what a great blog! I feel for you. I’ve had the privledge of meeting your daughter – only once, but from that one meeting I know she’ll do GREAT on her own and make herself and you proud.

    So besides writing more, now that you have the time – how ’bout a Mojito?

  3. LOL! Nancy. You’re right about that. They do go out a lot as seniors, but the house is really empty because it’s not just her that’s gone — it’s all her friends who were always in the house as well. I miss them all! So does the cat. She has spent the past week howling every night.

  4. Mine will be 18 on Sunday and starts college next year. I’m not sure how I’ll handle it! She’ll be pretty close, though, so maybe I’ll survive. Of course, I don’t see her that much now with her napping after school every day and hanging out with her friends. Maybe I won’t even know the difference!

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