Silly Saturday – Only in the Romance World

NJ Romance Writers at Red Bank FairLast Sunday, we spent a hot but delightful day at the Red Bank Street Fair. Here’s a shot of the intrepid writers from NJ Romance Writers who attended the fair. We had a great time, sold lots of books and handed out fliers for NJRW’s Annual Literacy Fair on October 6th at the Sheraton in Woodbridge. NJRW has over 90 published authors signing. The fair is from 4:00 to 5:30 and is open to the general public. For more info on the book fair, click here! Come meet us and remember — a portion of the profits go to stamp out illiteracy in NJ.

So what else happened that day? Well, this is going to be my first Only in the Writing World post because there are many funny and incongruous things that happen in that funky writing world. I’ll try to keep my eyes out for others (like someone giving James Frey another writing contract! Yes, totally true!!)

So here’s today’s Only in the Writing World — the Romance Writing World.

A gentleman strolled into our booth at the Red Bank Fair. Burly and dressed in athletic clothes. I admired him for just entering our testosterone-challenged booth as it was filled with not only all 9 writers, but a number of women looking at and talking about the various books.

He came. He asked some questions. He perused the covers, front and back.

He made a face — not a good face and when I tried to engage him in conversation about what he liked to read, he said with a sniff, “I don’t read this kind of stuff.”

Stuff being non-literary non-(fill in the blank yourself) literature.

He then strolled away, but tucked in his hand — two copies of the latest Tell All about poor Anna Nicole Smith. The author of that Tell All was up at another booth signing and selling her books.

Hmm . . . Doesn’t read that kind of “stuff”, huh?

I think he would have enoyed one of our romances more — at least we have happily-ever-afters.