Guilty Pleasures Monday – Bad Boys with Bite

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Bad Boy James MarstersThis Guilty Pleasure Monday is all about Bad Boys with Bite. Today’s favorite is Buffy Bad Boy Spike aka James Marsters.

What is it about Bad Boys with Bite that is so appealing? Well, I met a delightful group of bloggers from Italy who run the Isn’t It Romantic? site and today, I’ll be blogging on that site about Bad Boys with Bite and why we love them. Click here to check out the blog!

For another take on this phenomenon, drop by this B&N Review by my friend and fellow author, Eloisa James. The title of her article is Bite Me, Biker Style and you can click here to read the article.

So, why do we love them? Well, maybe this photo answers it all. Recognize it? It’s from the last episode of Buffy and my title for it is . . . Redemption. What would you call it?
She really did love him

17 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Bad Boys with Bite”

  1. Has anyone been watching Moonlight? I really like it. Alex O’Loughlin can bite my neck anytime. He’s beautiful but in a manly way. Yummm. I have been there with bad boys in real life. Really overated. Have a fling with them and move on. They are into themselves for the most part. I’ll take a caring, loving man who thinks of you first. Have a great day.

  2. I’m probably going to get roasted for this but I wasn’t into Buffy all that much and what I saw of Spike was in his whiny I’m in love with Buffy stage and it wasn’t all that appealing. My current favorite Bad Boy with Bite is Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmidt) from Blood Ties. Perhaps because I like the series better but the combination of sex appeal with dark hair and blue eyes has always been a big draw for me. Plus Bad boys seem to actually like women and make them feel special while players seem to be looking for another notch on their belts. YMMV.

  3. Bad boys are just so darn exciting. We love them in our books but trust me, you don’t want to marry one lol.
    I’d go with “just for starters.”

  4. I’m still not sure why I love bad boys but I do since I’m a kid, this is probably why my favorite characters in my own books are the villains =) I guess they turn me on for a reason but I gotta find it. Not necessarily vampires and such, even a sexy thief or pirate can do the trick…

  5. Title: ENTWINED

    When one becomes involved with a vampire one becomes entwined in his passion and lifestyle.

    I loved Gary Oldman in DRACULA (1992)

  6. I loved Spike when he was a bad boy with a lot of wit. Hated it when he got sappy over his love for Buffy…that awful final season with the overkill of whiny slayer wannabes.

    We like bad boys because they remind us of wild untamed sex.

  7. Hola, Caridad,

    I like “Salvation”, but also “Deliverance,”
    as in rescue from a situation.

    My favorite bad boy is David Boreanaz,
    (I think I may have mentioned him
    before!!) who has been redeemed as FBI agent “Booth” on the Fox drama, “Bones.”

    Pat Cochran

  8. Quickly taking a break from a seminar *grin* just had to post something!

    Bad Boys … wow have to agree with everyone’s comments but mostly with Irene, guess it is that we would like to be able to tame there wild side *lol* I so adore reading books where there is a bad boy coz they seem more interesting and mama mia at times so incredibly hot *lol*

    Title: Salvation

  9. Reading about the Bad Boys in stories is so much more intresting then reading books about the always good guys. i mean why whould you read that when we probly already have a good guy?

  10. Bad boys are appealing because, deep down inside, I think we want to tame them.
    As one who has been married for 30 years, lemme tell ya, it is impossible to tame a bad boy. (After awhile, they just get worse, and old and they look ridiculous with their long hair, black leather and sneers.)
    Enjoy ’em while they’re young then move on.

  11. In addition to bad boys in books, I love the bad boys in music. Those tough looks and tight clothes really turn me on.

  12. I think vampires or things that go bump in the night hold such stong appeal because they are part of the unknown, part of fantasy that is not the every day.

    We all claim that these things aren’t real but how thrilling would it be to meet a real vampire?

    Pretty hot I’d say!


  13. Oh yes, yummy. That is a lovely bad boy with bite!! Another one is Gerard Butler in Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000!!

    What would I call that pic of Spike? Ummmmm, well apart from delickable, and gorgeous, I’d also go with….irresistable!!!

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