Tuesday Tip – Confession is Good for the Soul

They say confession is good for the soul, but have you ever confessed a secret and ended up feeling worse than before? What kind of secret was it? A sexy kind of secret, like that crush you have on a fellow co-worker? Or a business kind of secret, like when you called in sick, but actually took a mental healthy day?

Wondering what other people’s secrets are? Ready to hear them confess?

Well, here’s your chance!

Every year, Harlequin conducts an online survey to gather information for their Harlequin Romance Report. Every survey has a theme and this year’s theme is . . .

You guessed it! Confessions.

So, take part in the Harlequin Romance Report online survey and confessionals forum. With less than one week left before the survey closes, Harlequin hopes to accumulate as many responses as possible and is looking to all of you for support.

Please visit the special Harlequin website at www.harlequinromancereport.com to help Harlequin collect and share information pertaining to this year’s theme.

It’ll just take a few moments to complete the online survey and your answers will provide Harlequin with the information they need to develop next year’s report! Please note that all information provided is anonymous.

Once you’ve completed the survey, we can also visit the site’s online confessionals forum where you can post your own responses about confessions. Please note that any of the anonymous confessions posted on the site could be picked up by media at any time, and although they will remain completely anonymous, Harlequin would like to collect and feature the best of the best.

If you had a fun time doing the survey or leaving a confession, pass along the link to your friends and family (adults over 18, of course).

Wonder what happens with all the information that Harlequin collects? You can click here to see to see a copy of the 2007 Report.