Guilty Pleasures Monday – Chasing Away the Chill

Hot Buns Chase Away the ChillIt occurred to me that we had grown fixated on abs and that sexy little V all through last year and so I decided to give you a change of pace — some nice hot buns to chase away the winter chill.

I don’t know about you, but winter is my least favorite season primarily because I hate the cold. I can tolerate the rain, even the gloominess and yes, even the snow, but not the cold. I’m convinced that it’s because I’m just not genetically ready for it yet. Having been born in Cuba, my body craves heat and not ice (except maybe in my mojito).

I guess that’s why I’ve also been dreaming of heading somewhere warm. Somewhere like South Beach where I can soak up some sun and heat while lounging by either the pool or beach. Maybe hubby and I should have saved that Hawaii vacation until February!

What about you? Do you live somewhere the seasons change and if so, what’s your least favorite season and why?