Fun Friday – Snow Days

snow.jpgGrowing up in the Northeast there was always one day that we all looked forward to — A SNOW DAY! As kids, that meant a day without school and hours outside either playing in the snow or sledding. I still remember the sled runs we used to do down through the woods in Bethpage State Park.

We haven’t really had much snow in New Jersey this year. Certainly not enough to even have been able to make a small snowball much less go sledding. cold1.gif

Of course, Snow Day has a different meaning when it lands on a weekday and only serves to make your commute to work that much more difficult.

But for today, imagine the wonders of those snowflakes and the joy they used to bring. And if you’re missing that, here’s a great site where you can go and make your own snowflake and leave it for one and all to see!

Visit Popular Front’s Snow Day site and leave your flakiness for all of us to see!

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!

Copyright 2008 Caridad Pineiro Scordato