Thoughtful Thursday – The Just Because Voter

Image Courtesy of Microsoft Word Clip ArtIt’s been interesting watching all the primaries and caucuses and seeing what’s happening with the nomination process for both the Democrats and Republicans. The ups and downs of the various candidates has been fascinating.

What’s also fascinated me is the all too common comment I hear from many people. What comment?

I’m voting for (fill in the blank) because he/she is black/a woman/a Republican/a Democrat.

You may have guessed from prior comments that I tend to be conservative by nature, especially fiscally. But I’m liberal in lots of other ways and because of that, I generally try to listen to what each of the candidates is saying before making up my mind.

I don’t normally do the “just because” vote. I won’t vote for someone just because they are female/black/Latino/Democrat/Republican/ex-Met/writer/TV star/author/from New Jersey/New York/green-eyed/brown-haired/ . . .

You get it. So in 2008, I’m going to listen carefully, read even more carefully and vote for someone because of what they stand for and what plans they have in place for this country. I’m not going to vote for anyone, whether it’s Clinton/Obama/McCain just because . . .

Copyright 2008 Caridad Pineiro Scordato