Thoughtful Thursday – Confessions of a Science Geek

Image courtesy of Microsoft Word Clip ArtI have a confession to make. I’m a science geek. Always loved messing with all those test tubes and doing experiments which is I guess why I was a science major in college.

One of the best Christmas presents I ever got was a chemistry lab and you can bet that I did every single experiment that came with that kit and proudly showed them to my mom who appreciatively murmured her approval at the bits of black gunk floating around in the test tube.

If Fate hadn’t thrown me a curve, I probably would have continued to pursue some kind of career in the sciences, but instead I ended up in law school and eventually, took up writing again.

Writing is a wondrous thing in so many ways, including allowing me to explore my inner geek again! I’m happy to say that I accepted a two book deal from Grand Central Publishing for a new paranormal romantic suspense series which relies heavily on science. TAINTED BLOOD, the first book in the series, is about a gene therapy victim who finds herself not only developing superhuman powers, but also accused of a murder she did not commit.

So the geek in me has been busy researching all kinds of things, like gene expression and splicing. Unusual diseases and using gene therapy treatments to cure them. Lots of fun stuff.

It helps that I took genetics, immunology, biochem and a bunch of other higher level science classes during college and I’ve been keeping up off and on on with what’s happening in the bio/genetic engineering world just ’cause it’s so interesting!

I know, I know. Geek. I’d be the perfect match for CHUCK or the guys from THE BIG BANG THEORY. But that’s okay.

Someone’s got to love the nerds. Of course, the hero in this book, Mick Carerra, is anything but a nerd. He’s ex-military and a man with a past who knows only one thing — he’s got a check with a lot of zeroes to compensate him for bringing in our gene-challenged heroine.

This book is slated for publication some time in 2010, so I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

On another note, I’ve got a friend, Lisa Daily — who’s a syndicated columnist, author, media personality — and she’s got a book out right now that you might like. Lisa will be visiting on April 2nd to tell us about her new release and offer up a prize to anyone who posts a comment on the blog. So please drop by then!

For information on Lisa in the meantime, you can visit by clicking here.