Thoughtful Thursday – The Juggling Act

Clip courtesy of Microsoft Word Clip ArtMany thanks to Lisa for visiting with us yesterday and to all of you who took the time to come by and leave a comment! I’m running a little late, busy juggling things today, and will be picking a winner over the weekend.

Lisa has kindly donated a T-shirt and copy of the book for us and look for a winner to be announced on Monday morning!

Juggling. Seems like lately I’m doing more of that than I ever imagined. I’m running from the office to the house, working out, writing, preparing promo stuff, talking to the hubby and daughter, dealing with Spring and all the clean-up that involves around the house and yard. . .

Someone asked me how I do it all and there’s no easy answer. I do sleep, contrary to what some say about my being a vampire. I do eat (as we know sometimes too much! LOL!)

I do juggle a lot. I seem to have balls in the air all the time, but how do I keep from dropping one?

Well, it’s always a challenge, but I try to multi-task. I use every free moment I have to try and accomplish something. Hubby always asks me “What’s my schedule” and the reality of it is, I do have to schedule. Three hours to write. One hour on Saturday to clean in the yard. Another hour to do the weekly food shopping. Another hour to get to the gym, work out . . .

You get it. I do the same at work. Prioritize what’s urgent. Put together similar tasks to deal with them in the most effective way possible.

The same goes for writing. I try to get all the research done first and get it memorized so I don’t have to dig back for a lot of things while writing. I pre-write by using visualization techniques.

What’s that? Well, before going to bed, I watch the scene in my head, kind of like a movie. I do the same on the walk to work and on the walk back to the train station to head home. What does that mean? When I sit down to write, I’ve already got a movie of the scene that I’ve played and replayed in my head until it’s right. That lets me get to writing it right away rather than sitting there thinking about what I’ll write.

So, there’s some skill to the juggling and lots of practice and reinvention. If something’s not working right or using my time effectively, I stop and see how I can make it work better.

That’s my juggling act for today! I’ve got to get going because I’m headed off to speak with the Maryland Romance Writers tonight!