Guilty Pleasures Monday – Michael Pare

Copyright Embassy Pictures - Used under the Fair Use ProvisionsIf the smoldering look on this handsome face doesn’t have you melting, I don’t know what to say.

His name is Michael Pare and the film is EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS. If you haven’t seen the movie, find it and buy it! The music is great as is the story, although the movie got mixed reviews and did not do well at the box office. Don’t know why, I watch it every time that it’s on and if I see the DVD anywhere, will definitely add it to my collection.

Michael is so absolutely hot as the tortured New Jersey rock star who wants to be understood. Totally totally hot. He’s been in a number of other B movies, but I haven’t seen much of him lately although he still looks good! Tom Berenger is also in the movie — another hottie and quite good in his role as the “poet” guy who puts the words to the music.

You can find out more about Michael by clicking here and visiting his official website!