Tuesday Tip – Fear of Flying

Caridad at the Airport!This is me, getting ready to board the plane.  I’m about to tell you a dirty little secret — I am terrified of flying.  HATE IT!  But I love to travel.

What a problem!  Kind of tough to travel anywhere distant without flying.

So how do I deal with the anxiety shy of popping a few Xanax?

1.  Take an antihistamine.  It makes me drowsy and sleeping away a good chunk of a flight is always good.  It also helps me with my ears because it helps decongest them.

2.  EARPLANES.  Great little gadget which helps you adjust to the pressure changes and also muffles the sounds on board.

3.  Good book/Good movie.  Getting totally involved in either reading/writing a good book or movie is a great way to get totally distracted.

4.  Crossword/Word Search puzzles.

5.  When all else fails, a glass of wine followed by a nap.

The above is usually good for a moderately long flight.  Then there are those 12 hour or more flights.  Argentina.  Chile.  Hawaii.  Not much you can do on flights like those except repeat the above a couple of times!   LOL!

So – do you like to fly?  Do you like to travel?  Tell me your funniest (NO SCARY stories since I still have to fly back to NJ!) travel/flight story and you could win a bag full of books that I’ll be rounding up at the conference!

Just leave your story on this blog post by midnight EST on Saturday, August 3 and I’ll pick a winner from everyone who posts.