Tuesday Tip – Fear of Flying

Caridad at the Airport!This is me, getting ready to board the plane.  I’m about to tell you a dirty little secret — I am terrified of flying.  HATE IT!  But I love to travel.

What a problem!  Kind of tough to travel anywhere distant without flying.

So how do I deal with the anxiety shy of popping a few Xanax?

1.  Take an antihistamine.  It makes me drowsy and sleeping away a good chunk of a flight is always good.  It also helps me with my ears because it helps decongest them.

2.  EARPLANES.  Great little gadget which helps you adjust to the pressure changes and also muffles the sounds on board.

3.  Good book/Good movie.  Getting totally involved in either reading/writing a good book or movie is a great way to get totally distracted.

4.  Crossword/Word Search puzzles.

5.  When all else fails, a glass of wine followed by a nap.

The above is usually good for a moderately long flight.  Then there are those 12 hour or more flights.  Argentina.  Chile.  Hawaii.  Not much you can do on flights like those except repeat the above a couple of times!   LOL!

So – do you like to fly?  Do you like to travel?  Tell me your funniest (NO SCARY stories since I still have to fly back to NJ!) travel/flight story and you could win a bag full of books that I’ll be rounding up at the conference!

Just leave your story on this blog post by midnight EST on Saturday, August 3 and I’ll pick a winner from everyone who posts.

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  1. I flew back from London, the flight was four hours late leaving and the last one into Newark before they closed for a blizzard. Once we finally got through customs I found that since I’d booked Continental but travelled on Virgin Atlantic the two airlines couldn’t agree on who “owned” me. I went back and forth and finally Continental gave me hotel and meal vouchers, a ditty bag with a toothbrush and sent me to find a bus. By the time I finally find someone who would claim me I was in tears. We went to see the bus and waited for about an hour and a half before we called the hotel and found out that the last bus had already left. Then sent a couple of vans to get us. The next day we were all jockeying for position to get on the vans (no return buses apparently) and I ended up in a pathfinder driven by someone from the housekeeping staff at the hotel in Edison NJ where we finally landed the night before. Everything about this arrangement was weird but I really started to worry when the driver crossed himself before putting the vehicle in gear. I don’t know whether to be reassurred that he thought he had an in with the big guy upstairs or had so little confidence that he needed the extra help. My bags ended up in a different vehicle and I watched as they drove off in a different direction than where we were headed. It took another fifteen minutes before I was reunited with my bags and there were several incidents of turning around and going back to look for the other vehicle, as well as someone in the pathfinder who insisted on being taken to their gate directly instead of the bus drop off like the rest of us. I did end up getting my bags and a return flight home that day but it was the longest trip I’ve ever taken. As usual everything always works out alright in the end.


  2. I won’t fly unless I am somewhat sedated.Like you I used antihistamine Mainly because I have extreme motion sickness. But once I flew from home on the south Texas coast to New Jersey except the plane landed in NY so my friend had to drive up from southern NJ to pick me up. I had been given the wrong information and since this was the first time I had flown I didn’t know any better.

  3. I like to fly except that I get motion sick during the landing. I can do the rest of the flight just fine.
    I learned when we had to make an extra landing on the way to NC that if I hum on the way down my stomach is fine.
    It works when I get dental x-rays, too. (Killer gag reflex).
    One of my husband’s hobbies is flying so I’m not allowed to be afraid!

  4. Hmm, I remember my first flight was when I was 11yrs. old. We were flying from Newark, NJ to Florida to go to Disney. I saw this huge plane and was a bit unnerved. Once we got on and the plane took off, they had a movie playing. The headphones were in the seat pocket, but you had to pay for the connecting piece. My parents would not pay for it… Well as a curious kid, I took the headphones and put the line at the plug and voila, I was able to hear the movie!!! Smart kid!!! 🙂 My sisters saw me do this and copied me… then some adults around us saw me and started to try it too! I have to say it was monkey see monkey do on that plane, but it made the trip that much more fun!!!
    Happy trails!!! 😀

  5. I love to fly!!!! I have never been afraid to fly. Small, large and in beteen sizes. We started flying with our children when they were babies. A friend of ours had a small plane and a small landing field and on Sunday afternoons, we would go up and just fly around for an hour or so. So much fun. I will be flying to Calif in the late fall and am looking forward to it. Sorry I can’t give you any tips to help you. Just pray, put your faith in God and your pilot and enjoy the view. Hugs and warm thoughts to you. So good to have you back. Hope all your projects went well.

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