Special Saturday Edition – The Jonas Brothers Concert and Video

Last night we went to a Jonas Brothers concert at Jones Beach Theater. Although I grew up just minutes away, I’d never been to this venue and it’s gorgeous. The stage is set right at the water’s edge, so you see the wetlands and beach as you sit there and watch the show.

Joe Jonas!  Too cute.The concert was great. Lots of fun. Photos are still on my daughter’s camera, so I’ll share some photos from the last JoBro concert (yes, we are fans!). This concert was at the Meadowlands and was mobbed. Rumor has it that it sold out in about 2 minutes. This is a picture of Joe Jonas, the middle brother.

My daughter and me!  The gold jacket is a JoBro thing from one of their videos
This is my daughter and me at the show. A friend of hers made T-shirts with lines from the JoBro songs and we wore them. The gold jacket is from one of their videos. My daughter bought it at American Apparel and everyone kept asking her where she had gotten it.

Had a great time as you can tell from the big smiles. I love spending time with my best bud.

This is the official video for one of their hits – SOS. It’s one of my favorite songs from the JoBros. The new one, BURNING UP, is really cute!

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  1. my daughters would be so jealous. they love the Jonas Brothers too. glad you and ur daughter had a great time.

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