Thoughtful Thursday – Making Choices

choice.jpgMaking any kind of choice can sometimes be rough. Making the difficult choice can alter the course of your life. It’s why I try not to second guess the choices people make in their lives. It’s why I lean toward allowing people to be able choose.

Which I guess is why I’m kind of surprised by some of what I’m hearing about Sarah Palin, the presumptive Republican VP candidate. I’m surprised to hear and read comments which seem to imply that there was something wrong about her choice to bring a Down’s Syndrome baby into this world.

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be told your child will have special needs. A life altering experience for a mother, a father and a family.

I could understand how some would choose not to undertake such a difficult path, but being pro-choice is also about being able to decide to keep that child.

Some thoughts for today’s Thursday, along with a return to an earlier discussion about SENATOR Hilary Clinton and sexism since it seems we’re back to that now with this candidate. I’ve already heard her described as a soccer mom, beauty queen and the hottest governer in the country.

It’ll be interesting to see what else will be said during the course of the next few months.