Guilty Pleasures Monday – Jerry O’Connell

Courtesy People MagazineThis morning’s Guilty Pleasure is Jerry O’Connell.

You might remember him best as the cute little kid in STAND BY ME, a movie classic based on a novella by none other than Stephen King (see the poster for the movie down below)

Jerry has been in a bunch of shows, most of which I’ve enjoyed, like SLIDERS and CROSSING JORDAN though I was always kind of annoyed that the romance on CROSSING JORDAN never went anywhere. He also did cross-appearances on VEGAS based on his CROSSING JORDAN character.

Jerry also wrote the screenplay for FIRST DAUGHTER, which was actually quite a good romance. Jerry served as the executive producer on the film, which was about a young secret service agent (Marc Blucas) who is sent to keep an eye on the president’s college-age daughter (Katie Holmes) and falls in love with her. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Guess that makes Jerry cute and talented. What’s he up to now? Expecting twins with new wife Rebecca Romjin


Hope you enjoyed this morning’s Guilty Pleasure.