Thoughtful Thursday – The Generation Gap

My mom and I had a great relationship. She was a mentor, my mom and a friend. I was blessed to be able to work with her for a year before she passed. We had a great time bonding that year and I learned just what an amazing woman she was.

I made a point of trying to create the same relationship with my daughter — mentor, mom and friend. It’s not an easy balance, but the one thing that I’ve noticed is that there seems to be less of a generation gap between my daughter and me than there was with my mom and me.

We like the same movies, books and music. I can look at the guys she thinks are hot and for the most part, they are (except for that too skinny guy from THE ACADEMY IS. . .).

We share a lot of similar interests. For example, my daughter recently attended a writers conference with me. For years she’d been going and helping out as a gofer, but this year she announced that she loved creative writing so much that she wanted to go to the workshops and learn about writing. She did and we were able to share time as fellow writers and social time with a wide range of women.

Women who had a lot in common despite some pretty wide differences in age.

I remember that as much as I loved my mom, I always knew she was “way” older. There really was a generation gap between us.

Not so much with this generation it seems to me. Or maybe what my husband says is true — I never grew up!

Well, if the price of being a Peter Pan is sharing some great times with my wonderful daughter, someone get me that funky green suit and hat really quick.

What’s it like with you and your parents? Do you feel as if there’s a generation gap between you?

Mother and Daughter - Two Peas in a Pod