Guilty Pleasures Monday – Kate Beckinsale

This one is for you, Leo, and all my other male fans who have been demanding a little equal time.

Today’s Guilty Pleasures Monday is the stunning and amazingly beautiful Kate Beckinsale. Kate has been in a number of movies, including a few of my favorites – the UNDERWORLD series and THE AVIATOR where she played Ava Gardner.

Sadly, there will be an UNDERWORLD 3, but without Kate. What’s the sense? I know I won’t be going to see it without her in it!

If Kate looks familiar and you haven’t seen those movies, more recently she’s been in CLICK with Adam Sandler and VACANCY with Luke Wilson. Here’s a shot of her in CLICK, which was a really good movie, but totally not a comedy as it was portrayed in the trailers.

Leo and all the guys, hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday, but if not, click here!

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Kate Beckinsale”

  1. All I can say is – its about time!
    Oh yea – and thank you. Ooh, la, la.

    Don’t be disheartened by Kate’s absense in Underworld. People still watched “Bewitched” when they changed Darin’s and “Roseanne” when they changed Becky’s (is my age showing?). Kate probably knows that the third installment of any movie is usually poisonous. You can only milk something for so long.
    BTW – I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us guys in January’s “Gentlemen’s Guilty Pleasures”

  2. You have to respect a girl that can kick butt in an uber tight vinyl skinsuit. And I can’t think about Evolution without an image of Kate’s hottie hybrid popping into my head.

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