Guilty Pleasures Monday – Ed Harris

Today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday is probably an unusual choice – Ed Harris. But I just love this actor and find him amazingly masculine and appealing.

This screen shot is from APOLLO 13, a fabulous movie with an amazing round up of talent – Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinese, Bill Paxton and a slew of other notables that all come together to recreate a moment in history.

I also loved Ed in POLLOCK, about Jackson Pollock the painter. He was truly intense in his role as the offbeat painter.

My favorite, though, has to be THE ABYSS. It’s a great science fiction romance and not to be missed! The story is about a nuclear sub that sinks and the team of an underwater oil platform that’s sent to assist a SEAL team with the rescue of the submariners. There’s action and a really touching romance between Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

If you can, get your hands on the special edition DVD as it has lots of extras in the movie!

Hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasure.

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Ed Harris”

  1. Love, love, love Ed Harris–such a man! Can’t wait to see Appaloosa (Ed *and* Viggo Mortenson–my TV screen will explode!)

    The Abyss also has Michael Biehn (whatever happened to him?) of Terminator fame. Loved him, even though he totally went over the edge in The Abyss (he’s got those crazy eyes)!

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