Thoughtful Thursday – The Writer’s Life

Clip Art Courtesy of Kids' Turn Central(Sing this to the tune of Disney’s A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME (see below)!)
Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Writer’s Life for Me!
We plot and we type,
We write and rewrite,
A dreaded synopsis we seek!
We sweat and we tweak,
We cry and we freak
That dreaded synopsis we seek!

As you can tell, I’m in a silly mood today, courtesy of too little sleep and the prospect of working on the dreaded synopsis for the second book in my Grand Central Publishing Series – tentatively titled STONE COLD SINS. I have the story in my brain, much of the synopsis done and the starting chapters.

But the reality is, I so-o-o-o suck at synopses! I guess it’s just a part of a writer’s life for me (LOL!) but I wish there was some other way to do this other than writing a synopsis.

Any suggestions?

Lyrics | Disney – A Pirate’s Life For Me (Yo Ho) lyrics

8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – The Writer’s Life”

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  2. that what we refer to around here and a natural high, when loosing alot of sleep and start acting goofy

  3. I could never do what you do. You accomplish so much on so many levels and do it well. I admire that in you. Me, give me one thing at a time and I can deal with it and usually get it right. Take care, have a wonderful day and hugs to all.

  4. This is so funny, and loopy too! Synopsis is dreaded for sure! Good poem, Caridad. And those lyrics are so funny.

  5. Ugh, I don’t like writing a synopsis either. You could always pay someone else to write it! lol

    I wrote mine after the books were done. It’s probably easier that way, huh?

  6. Hello Caridad!

    I’m actually alright at writing synopsis’, but it does take a while. I find it really is an art to sum up a whole book in a few paragraphs/pages and make it sound exciting.

    Just one of the many annyong things that we don’t like doing as we would rather be writing. LOL


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