Writer’s Block

wallIt’s not often that I get Writer’s Block, but it does happen on occasion. Often times it’s because I’m wrestling with which way the story should go and not happy with any of the directions which are coming to me.

When I hit that wall, I do wish there was this big red door that I could open to break through, but sometimes the best way is to not keep butting your head up against the wall. Sometimes the best way is to take a step back and take another look at the wall so you not only see the door, but now who to open it.

How do you do that?

1. Pick up a good book to read. I would recommend that it even be something different from what you are trying to write. Reading other genres, and interacting with writers from other genres, is a good way to see the same problem in a different light.

2. Watch a good movie. Again, preferably one that’s different from what you’re writing. Same idea only it takes less time if you’re as impatient as I am. Also, some people need more visual stimuli to see the big red door.

3. Listen to music. I’ve been inspired more than once by a song lyric that’s allowed me to tackle the story with a different perspective or a revitalized concept of the conflicts.

4. Try writing something new. Sometimes you get just too involved in a story or you’ve looked at it one too many times. Refreshen yourself by trying out a new story line or concept.

5. Take a nice long hot shower and while you’re at it, consider the problem in your story that’s creating the boondoggle. Something about putting showers and thinking together always seems to yield good results.

6. Take a walk or do some exercise. Again, think about your story and see if getting out into the fresh air or taxing those muscles produces some new ideas.

I hope those little tips help you find the way through the wall created by your writer’s block!

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6 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. Whenever I’m in a rut at work, I walk away from the desk and take a ten minute break. It helps to clear my head.

  2. Hi, Caridad,

    When I run into a roadblock, I just walk
    away, grab a book and lose myself in a
    romance for a while.

    Pat Cochran

  3. Great advice!

    I’ll often times I’ll read something else–another book or newspaper.

    I do the same thing, Kaye. I think about the problem before sleep…and sometime the next day usually I have a break thru.

  4. I generally fidget, grumble, and act like a three year old.

    Usually I have too many other issues to worry about writers block though.

    Your post reminded me of a Tex Avery cartoon. The one where the wolf breaks out of jail and hides out in a cabin with about fifteen doors. He slams each one behind him (all in the same doorframe) until he feels secure then turns around and finds Droopy waiting for him inside. Then he has to open all those doors again to get away.

  5. This is great advice. And I have tried many of them. Sometimes what works best for me is thinking about the problem just before falling asleep. I might just wake up with the answer I need. I wouldn’t mind having easy entry to that door however!

  6. When I hit a wall I walk away. Something has gone wrong with my story and I need to look at it fresh. If the wall doesn’t come down I re-read everything and usually find my characters acting out of character.

    I’d like to find that red door however to make it easier to see the problems.

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