Dangerous Women Blog Contest!

Dangerous ReadersThanks to those of you who have signed up for the Dangerous Women group, my new venture with a number of my writing buddies!

For those of you entering the Saturday contest, just post your answer on this blog to the following question:

What are the names of the hero and heroine in HONOR CALLS, my February e-novella Nocturne Bite?

I’ll pick a winner from all the comments entered by midnight EST on Saturday, April 4.

Here’s an extra goodie for you! If you place the banner above on your site and link it to the Dangerous Women group at

just let me know and you’ll be eligible to also win a T-shirt for my upcoming release, SINS OF THE FLESH.

0 thoughts on “Dangerous Women Blog Contest!”

  1. Hi Caridad,

    the hero/heroine in Honor Calls is Jesus Hernandez and Michaela Ramirez

    Still trying to catch up on all the posts at Dangerous Women – wow you guys were busy!

  2. I need the code to put the banner up. I think. I don’t know much how to do this but most of the time I had a code. So far it won’t show up on MySpace. I’m trying tho! I’m having a blast at the group and chatting about your books and pics and more! The answer is: Michaela Ramirez and Jesus Hernandez.

  3. They are Michaela Ramirez and Jesus

    Just been over on the dangerous women
    site and the number of reponses is just
    out of sight!

    Pat Cochran

  4. Hey Caridad! Many Thanks to you and the other Dangerous Women for starting this group for the rest of us who need to release our dangerous sides 😉
    The answers to your contest are:
    The Heroine is Michaela Ramirez and the Hero is Jesus Hernandez.

  5. Hi, Caridad!!!
    Visiting from Dangerous Women….the hero in Honor Calls is Jesus Hernandez, and the heroine is Michaela Ramirez!!

  6. In “Honor Calls”, the hero is Jesus Hernandez and the heroine is Michaela Ramirez. Thanks for the contest.

    Have a great day.

  7. Assistant FBI Director Jesus Hernandez and Hunter Michaela Ramirez. 😛 😆

    I wear an X-Large tee shirt.

  8. Michaela Ramirez and Jesus Hernandez.

    I wear a 2x in T-Shirt if you do that size if not then a Large or x-large

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