Guilty Pleasures Monday – Jon Hamm

There’s just something very powerful and manly about Jon Hamm in MAD MEN, hence my selection of him as this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure. His character on the show, Don Draper, is interesting – you might even say predatory! Plus the men’s fashions of the 50’s just add to the allure.

If you haven’t caught this show on AMC, give it a shot or visit their website by clicking here. You can also download lots of fun things at the site!

Hope you enjoyed this Monday’s Guilt Pleasure! Also, I’m on my way to the Romantic Times Convention this week, so I’ll be on hiatus until next Monday on the blog. If time allows, I’ll be posting on the happenings at the convention and hopefully some fun photos of what’s going on! Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Jon Hamm”

  1. Here’s hoping you are having a great time this week. Bring back lots of info to share with us!

  2. He looks so suave on “Mad Men,” but totally dorky on “30 Rock.” Shows what a little Brylcreem will do for ya!

  3. Oh, my! you sure do know how to brighten up a girl’s day!! I’m eagerly (OK….impatiently!) waiting for the 2nd season to be released on DVD!!

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