Guilty Pleasures Monday – Chris O’Donnell

My first recollection of today’s Guilty Pleasure – Chris O’Donnell – was his role as Robin aka Nightwing in the original Batman franchise. I thought he was a cutie back then and have been waiting for him to come back. Add the fact that I love NCIS and the pilot that ran for the spinoff looked great, I’m eagerly awaiting the premiere of the NCI: Los Angeles spin-off.


You can read more about the spin-off and see some video clips (CBS doesn’t allow you to embed them!) by visiting the official NCIS:Los Angeles web page here or cutting and pasting this link in your browser:

Are you looking forward to this spin-off of a spin-off? (The original NCIS was a spin-off from JAG)

6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Chris O’Donnell”

  1. I’m probably one of very few people who never watched JAG. I do love NCIS, so thanks for the tip of the spin off of a spin off, lol! I have to admit Chris O’Donnell is an important factor, too.

  2. I was a JAG junkie. I fell in love with David James Elliott from day one. Hasn’t changed. I haven’t watched NCIS for some reason. I may watch this season, haven’t decided yet. I have so many series that I watch, I am not sure I can fit another in. Have to say though that Chris O’Donnel is a strong incentive to watch this show. Have a great evening and hugs to all.

  3. I watched JAG faithfully when it was on. Now sometimes I watch the re-runs again. I watch NCIS as much as I can. Unfortunately it seems to be on the same time as Dancing With The Stars. So I try to catch them on re-runs. USA has NCIS marathons all the time. I saw the preview show for the new NCIS. It looks great. Hope its on at a good time.

    Linda Henderson

  4. I wasn’t too excited when I first heard about the spin off because I really loved the original, but then I saw the new team in action and I was hooked. I haven’t seen Chris O’Donnell in a while and I thought LL Cool J was pretty good in his role. The leader of the new team was previously in CSI.

  5. I had no idea NCIS was a spin off of JAG.

    Do you remember the woman originally cast in JAG? I think she was only in the first few then I guess she was replaced.

    I can’t wait for the fall season!

  6. It will be refreshing to have something new to watch. I’ve seen all the JAG episodes at least 100 times and all the NCIS episodes at least a billion since it is on almost as much as Law and Order.
    (Although I can watch Mark Harmon just stand there and breathe and it wouldn’t bother me one bit….)

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