Time Management Redux

work.jpgWe’ve talked about Time Management before (click here) since so many people wonder how it’s possible that I write as much as I do and still have a full time job. I should also add that family is important and I spend as much time with them as I can and I also volunteer at my writing group, the Liberty States Fiction Writers.

I discussed in that earlier blog how to make time to write, but also how you should plan to take time off. It’s that concept that I want to further discuss in today’s Tuesday Tip, namely having free time.

I don’t have much “free time” but it’s there in my schedule. I always give myself evenings off for various reasons. The first is that you do need time to recharge and relax. We all face tiring and stressful days, so having an hour or two to read a book, watch tv or just sit and chat is absolutely necessary to allow your mind to settle down. Especially for writers. It’s in that down time that our minds will rest and get ready for tackling the next page or chapter.

There’s also something else that’s really important about “free time”. When an emergency arises, like an unexpected deadline, having allowed yourself that “free time” gives you the necessary hours to deal with something unexpected.

For me, a change in deadline or new request can be handled in those few evening hours without the craziness of wondering, “OH MY GOD! HOW WILL I EVER FINISH THIS!” I don’t normally have those moments because I haven’t scheduled every second of every day.

So, plan for the downtime. If there’s nothing due, savor it and let your mind relax in order to destress and face the challenges of the next day. If something comes up, you won’t freak about not being able to find the time to do it.

I hope you found today’s Tuesday Tip useful!

4 thoughts on “Time Management Redux”

  1. Caridad, actually, I’ve been reading one of your posts and wondering, how do you manage to do so much! Great tip, btw. It’s important, indeed, to have time to rest and relax. I know very well a person who was so busy she didn’t eat her first meal of the day until 9 o’clock in the evening. That’s considering she was gettng up at 5 in the morning! She’s better at finding time to rest now…

  2. Even though I am retired and have health problems, I still plan my day. Just don’t do as much as I used to. I still live a happy productive life. As someone said,”Leave a message, I’m out living my life” Work is good for us but so are family and friends. You just gotta find a balance for all things. Take care and hugs!!!!!

  3. It’s hard to fit everything onto the agenda. I like to map out a schedule the night before so I know what needs to be done and what can wait, but it usually never goes according to plan.

  4. I totally agree! In my time management workshop, i discuss this, too. If you don’t have your recharging days, there is a quick burnout. I think we learn this in law school. 🙂


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