Favorite Hero Friday

Today is a departure from our usual Fun Fridays, although I hope that it will still be fun for you!

My friends at eHarlequin asked me to blog about my favorite hero from THE CALLING Vampire Novels. Now I know most of you would expect for me to say my favorite hero is Ryder, but there’s a surprise dark horse that’s come out of the pack.

So join me over at eHarlequin to find out who is the mystery Favorite Hero and get into his brain.

If you leave a comment on either this blog or the eHarlequin blog by Midnight EST Saturday, October 10th, you’ll be eligible to win a SINS OF THE FLESH T-shirt!

Click here to visit My Favorite Hero or cut and paste this link: http://community.eharlequin.com/node/125987

9 thoughts on “Favorite Hero Friday”

  1. I love your books. Blake is my favorite also, I was surprised he was yours I thought it would be Ryder.

  2. OOh what an awesome prise! I just love showing off my interests, but you can’t find many good t-shirts dedicated to books.

  3. 😳 Not sure who my hero is at this point, but checking both sites. Good reading for me. Thanks. 🙂

  4. My favorite is a no brainer–Blake Richards. He had me from the start. All of the guys are great but it’s Blake!!!! Now we’ll see about how the new hero’s stack up against him in the Sins series. Have a great day all and hugs.

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