Guilty Pleasure Monday – Nick Lachey

Courtesy People Magazine Used under Fair Use ProvisionsThis might be a repeat Guilty Pleasure, but it’s definitely worth it! Nick Lachey is such a cutie!

Is he still a favorite for you? If not, who are some of your favorites? I’d love some hints for future Guilty Pleasures.

Also, make sure to check the events listing for a whole mess of guest blogs and giveaways! Hope you all had a good weekend.

9 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Monday – Nick Lachey”

  1. 😆 Nick’s definitely hot. I like my guys big, so I like Randy Couture (an MMA fighter wither the UFC. His face is pretty banged up, but that body is yummy, and he has a great smile. I have a definite thing for Howie Long, Mark Harmon (yeah, I’m 41, and it shows) and LL Cool J sure looks good on the new NCIS Los Angeles.

  2. Hugh Jackman.
    We saw “Wolverine” on Saturday…even hairy and messed up, he’s gorgeous.
    Saw him in The Boy from Oz, live. He can sing and dance, too. Sigh
    What more could you want in a man?
    (Well, there are other things, but I can’t write them here.)

  3. How abou Clive Owen? Or Viggo Mortensen with them pretty eyes.Steve Burton who plays mercenary Jason Morgan on the soap General Hospital, now there’s some killer blues 😀

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