Guilty Pleasure Mondays – The Ordonez Brothers

The last time I saw a bull fight was nearly 20 years ago when I went to a legal conference and they surprised us by holding a bull fight! It was a surprise, especially when the bull almost won.

My grandparents used to watch the bullfights on Sundays on television. Being Spanish, it was part of their culture. It got lost in my generation, but the other day as I was surfing through the channels I came across a program on Cayetano Rivera Ordonez, the latest matador in a long line of matadors. They also mentioned his brother Francisco and I knew then they had to be this Monday’s Guilty Pleasures because they are both so handsome!

Hope you enjoy them as well. Cayetano is on the left and Francisco is on the right.

5 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Mondays – The Ordonez Brothers”

  1. Caridad, I’ll take the one on the left, if you please. 😆 I have never seen a bullfight live before. The only problem would be for me, I would be crying for the poor bull. 😥

  2. Caridad these 2 boys are fantastic bull fighters but the sport sickens me and only watch when my DH accidentally finds one of the fights sometimes on a Discovery channel program. We got the pleasure and frightening jolt of just how dangerous the sport is to participate in when watched these 2 and cannot remember which one it was but they almost got killed the day we watched the bull fight documentary…
    the brothers are both very beautiful guilty pleasure Monday post in more ways than just how they look!!

    🙂 jackie b central texas 🙂

  3. I used to watch bullfighting on the Spanish UHF channels in the early 70s while still in college. I had a tiny black and white TV and couldn’t really see the gory part as I would shut my eyes.
    Had these two gorgeous hunks been working then, I’d have made it a point to keep both eyes wide open.
    Wow, they are gorgeous.

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