Thoughtful Thursday – Overwhelmed by Politics

Unlike my mom who was actively involved in politics, I’ve always taken a laid back approach. Maybe that’s been a wrong thing to do. For too many years I’ve trusted that government would get out of the way and let the People grow via the tenets of the American Dream – hard work which leads to prosperity.

Sadly, government has become a major roadblock to the American Dream. Whether left or right, red or blue, politics is bringing the American Dream to its knees.

So lately, I find myself reading everything I can about what’s going on because sadly, I do not trust one of the people in power to do what’s right for me or for America. They are all — red and blue, left and right — too busy endlessly campaigning instead of leading.

Today will see yet another video bite to stick in the public’s craw — the health care summit. A last step to make it seem as if they are all really listening before they use reconciliation to jam a bill down the throats of an American public that wants health care reform, but not what’s in the current bill.

Why is it so hard for the politicians to see this? Aren’t there enough polls out there for them to heed?

Some seem to think that it’s an issue with them not explaining it more clearly. Maybe . . . they . . .should . . . talk . . .like . . . this . . . because . . .the . . . .American . . . . people . . . are . . . too . . . stupid . . . .to . . . .understand . . . .duh.

The only stupidity is believing just that — that the American people are stupid. That they are willing to fork over their Freedom to a distant government that doesn’t hear what it wants.

Recently, the Consumer Confidence Index took a big hit. According to Lynn Franco, Director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center: “Consumer Confidence, which had been improving over the past few months, declined sharply in February. Concerns about current business conditions and the job market pushed the Present Situation Index down to its lowest level in 27 years (Feb. 1983, 17.5). Consumers’ short-term outlook also took a turn for the worse, with fewer consumers anticipating an improvement in business conditions and the job market over the next six months. Consumers also remain extremely pessimistic about their income prospects. This combination of earnings and job anxieties is likely to continue to curb spending.”

This was apparently “unexpected” by experts. Seems to me that if you have the pulse of the American Public this should certainly not be unexpected. Like me, many are following what’s happening and not liking what they see from either the red or blue, left or right. It shouldn’t be unexpected that based on that, consumers are not optimistic and are pulling back from spending money, etc.

So I’ve had my rant about politics this morning. What about you? Are you happy with the direction we are taking? Do you think we need to focus on jobs more?

5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Overwhelmed by Politics”

  1. I see so much hatred and crimes because people has no right way to live anymore. Jobless causes people to panic and in turn seek bad ways to live. I feel we need work so the people can have pride in themselves and others.When you lose all you are proud of..them that leads to low life ways to get even and even to make life worthwhile..even if it is wrong. We need to regroup..get things in right perspective and think of USA and the people who are proud to say we are citizens of a great country. susan L.

  2. It doesn’t matter who the president is, we would still be in this mess. The economy is in the tank and it’ll take many years to recover. I want to see health care reform pass that will help us.

  3. WELL said Caridad!!!

    Truth be told I’m terrified of where this political “team” is leading us, and our children, and our grandchildren… AND our great-granchildren.

    I tend to ignore the politics mainly because I don’t trust any of them, I usually vote for the “lesser of the two evils 👿 ” because nowadays there really isn’t an honest politician that truly *cares* about America… and if there is one, he’ll never make it to the top for us to vote for. The other politicians will shoot him down… I think our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

  4. Hoot…hot button, Caridad! Applause for touching on it!! I try to be active in politics, because I KNOW that there truly IS a direct link between the ballot box and the bread box…but sometimes I just get frustrated and overwhelmed. The people I trust the most wind up doing things that hurt ME and my family in the long run…I know ALL gov’t can’t help ALL the people ALL the time, but I’m truly scared that America is letting the middle class shrink to non exsistence. We’re almost to that point now ~~ and like you said, where will that leave the American Dream? WHO will be able to achieve it if we’re the working poor? And what’s the right way to fix it? I just don’t know ~~ and I don’t know that ANY of our elected officials are connected enough w/ ground roots to know, either.

  5. I am like you were… I do not listen nor keep up with politics at all. I vote, I do my civic duty… but unless I lit a huge fire under my butt, there is nothing I can do about the gov. I know that is sad to say, but it is true for me. But I agree with you, I do not trust the gov…. Like my grandmother would have said if she were still alive: Its going to crap in a hand basket. Never knew what that meant, lol!

    Hope you have a great day hon!

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