Fun Friday – Best Cats Video Ever

It’s Fun Friday and it’s time for the Best Cat Video Ever according to its title at Youtube. It is really funny, but I’m wondering – If you have a cat, have they ever pulled one of these ambush tactics with you?

Mine hasn’t, although she loves to chase dry pasta around the floor.

Hope the snow isn’t too bad by you today in the Northeast! We’ve got at least a foot on the ground and the plows have yet to come through. What a pain!

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Best Cats Video Ever”

  1. hello and hope you can get out of the snow here in mo no snow well the cat video was good i had a cat george who
    use to bring home strang buddies form frog to cricket to a baby kitty he was my pride and joy till last year diedin his sleep at the age of 20

  2. 😆 😆 😆 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Caridad thank you so much for finding this insane cat video and sharing with us. I identify so much behavior from my own Tom Cat and Tabby in it that it is not funny, especially the shot with the cat flat on it’s back in the what we like to call the “I Surrender” pose. My Tom does that every day!
    I laughed and now am going to try and find the video on you tube.

    Happy Friday and Happy Weekend, no snow here just cold cold harsh wind…

    jackie b central texas

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