Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

An apology to all those on Team Edward, but as much as all of you know that I love vampires, I’ve got to get on the side of Team Jacob this morning! How can I not with the likes of Taylor Lautner playing the werewolf in the Bella-Edward-Jacob triangle?

You can grab this brooding Jacob wallpaper from over at the official NEW MOON Movie site (but be prepared to wait for the never-ending flash gadgets!)

And if that’s not enough eye-candy for you this Guilty Pleasures Monday, well then you can click here for more shots displaying Taylor’s rather sculpted physique!

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6 thoughts on “Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?”

  1. Bella got it wrong. Team Jacob all the way! He’s hot, he’s in love with her, and he’s not a blood sucker!

  2. Hi Caridad! I am definately Team Jacob! That boy is totaly ripped and he doesn’t sparkle! ** LOL ** Seriously though, I liked his character in the books better as well. I think Bella made a big mistake.

  3. My sister and mother think I am crazy, but I am SO Team Jacob!!! Love his character and good looks, but reading all of the books made me love his character even more! 😀

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