Getting Organized Redux with the Butler Bag

It seems only right to continue with yesterday’s discussion of getting organized, especially since I came across (1) a nice blog about getting organized and (2) a great way to keep your purse in order (don’t you just hate digging through everything to find what you want?)

So you can click here to visit Launcher’s Cafe for a blog about taking 15 minutes to get organized!

Next, pop on over to the fabulous Butler Bag site for a look at some compartmentalized hand bags that will surely help you keep things in order. I learned about these great bags from my best friend who is interning with this company!

Maybe when it feels like 105 on Saturday you’ll decide to stay indoors and let your inner Felix out.

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Getting Organized Redux with the Butler Bag”

  1. i dont carry a purse dont kneed if i need to carry carry the wallet in poctk or the fanny pack 😉 😉 🙂

  2. I actually used a Butler bag before… loved it *bg* It really helped me organize my purse and find things easier. Of course, I just had too much in there that it started to get a bit heavy… so now I just use a clutch purse 🙂

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