Kiss Me, Kill Me Succinyl Choline

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Dark Side Demon Mondays I’ve been doing over at the Danger Women Writing website. It should be no surprise to you that I love all things demony and paranormal, but I also love Romantic Suspense. I guess that’s why what I write is really cross-genre and best called Paranormal Suspense.

Because of that, I thought I’d try a little change of pace with the blog and introduce a new segment: Kiss Me, Kill Me Tuesdays! Come visit with me and learn all about those things you need in the world of suspense, like fun weapons, fight scenes, ways to kill people, creating page turners and a whole lot of other stuff. Interesting stuff, I hope.

Today’s Kiss Me, Kill Me is a drug that was employed in a number of murders, but could also be used to paralyze someone for purposes of attacking them. That drug is succinyl choline which is a paralytic drug used to create muscle relaxation and short term paralysis. It acts quickly and has a very short duration of action, making it perfect for surgical procedures such as intubation.

It also made it perfect for murder and an assortment of other crimes. In fact, because of that short duration, it was nearly untraceable for quite a long time.

Why was that the case? Because 90% of the drug is metabolized quickly, leaving only a small trace that was hard to locate.

For some interesting murder cases involving the use of succinyl choline, you can check out these links:

Carl Coppolino
Murder of Nevada Controller Kathy Augustine

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  1. Oooh, goodie! A primer for potential murders. Who could ask for anything more?
    Hey, do you have a solution for snorers that keep you (me)awake all night?
    Would this stuff work????? 😛

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