Guilty Pleasures Monday Redux Michael Weatherly

This morning’s Guilty Pleasure is a worthy repeat: Michael Weatherly.

If you’re wondering why I have Michael on the brain again, take a moment to visit my author spotlight at the wonderful Joyfully Reviewed website.

Michael first caught my eye as Logan Cale on DARK ANGEL, but I absolutely love him as Agent Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS!

Being a hopeful romantic, I had always wanted the Tony character to end up in a relationship with Kate. Of course that became impossible when they killed her off.

Now I’ve set my sites on Ziba as the most likely candidate for Tony. Let’s hope they don’t write Ziba out either, although as Michael commented in one interview, the NCIS really stands for “No Character is Safe.”

Let’s hope our movie-loving, wise-cracking totally sexy Tony is spared such a fate.

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8 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday Redux Michael Weatherly”

  1. He is so yummy!! I still like Jeffrey Donovan the best but Michael Weatherly comes in a close second 🙂

  2. luckily for all who love DiNozzo, there are reruns of NCIS just about every hour of the day and night somewhere on cable.
    I’d like to see him and the guy whose name I do not know from CSI, the dark haired guy (I am so lame) in a movie together….’Lemme look to find that other actor’s name. He is interesting, also.

  3. I really enjoyed watching him on DARK ANGEL! Do not watch too much NCIS… catch a rerun here or there…

  4. Angi, I remember that episode of Charmed, however missed that it was Michael Weatherly playing the role. Will have to go back and re-watch it now.

    Love Tony DiNozzo – he’s such a smartass, but underneath is a good heart. Wouldn’t we all just give about anything to have a friend/lover who would put themselves into enemy hands to save us!

    Thanks Caridad for the yummy start to the week!

  5. I too, love Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo! Don’t know if you were a fan of “Charmed” or not, but in the 1st or 2nd season (I am pretty sure it was the 1st season), he played a Priest-in-training who was also a Warlock. Great ep!

  6. Yea i really enjoyed Micheal Weatherly character on Dark Angel too. too bad it didnt stay on the was worth it.But i too love him As Tony Dinozzo too.i watch NCIS every chance i get

  7. You are a woman after my own heart. I just started watching the re runs of NCIS.. yeah I am so behind in tv land it is not funny! And this man.. oh yum!!! Hope all is well hon! Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for a wonderful Monday!

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