Fun Friday Five – Most Emotional Moments in Life

This Fun Friday we’re doing something new: The Fun Friday Five. Today’s Five are the Most Emotional Moments in Life. There are moments you will never forget, whether good or bad. I’m sharing Five of my Most Emotional Good Moments in Life since I want to get the weekend started on a positive note for you!

So here they are:

    1. The first time I saw my daughter and held her in my arms.
    2. Marrying my husband (that picture is the two of us on our wedding day!).
    3. The day I became a United States Citizen.
    4. Watching my sister graduate college (It was my mom’s dream for her girls to go to college but she didn’t live to see my sister graduate).
    5. Receiving the call that someone wanted to buy my book.

How about you? Take a moment to share you’re most upbeat and happy moments in life.

Hope you all have a grand and beautiful weekend.

5 thoughts on “Fun Friday Five – Most Emotional Moments in Life”

  1. Five?
    1. My wedding–never thought it would happen.
    2. Birth of daughters #1 and #2–have to be even and equal.
    3. Going to England
    4. Selling first book!
    5. The party with my friends after end of chemotherapy and remission. Yeah, you were there!!!!!

  2. Hey Caridad!

    Love the pic of you and your husband.

    happy moments…

    My wedding. Seeing my father’s tears when he saw me in my wedding finery.

    Oh for sure, the first moment I beheld my son’s face and knew he was healthy. Oh so special, a gift from El Dios, because I had lost several.

    Being awarded for my work in rehab as a counselor.

    There’s been so many special moments.

    I really need to stop by here more often and you really need to come visit me Over Coffee again. Hugs!

  3. Happy Moments:

    Everytime I got to see my grandmother.
    Everytime I got a new pet to love.
    Holding nephew #2 after he was born…

  4. Aww, those are some precious moments, Caridad.

    1. When I bought my house.

    2. When I bought my first car and didn’t have to rely on my dad’s for his anymore.

    3. The day my little sister, the Brat, was born. She’s now 8yrs old and can always makes me smile and laugh.

    4. Watching my other sister (1yr younger than I am) give birth to her 4th child. I was not there for the other three births. It was amazing watching someone in give birth in person. Wowzers.

    5. … um, I’m going to have to think more on this 🙂

  5. Let’s see… happy moments…

    When we brought our puppy home. Our Golden bundle of joy is DH’s first dog.

    The day we got married. I can remember every minute.

    The day we moved into our house.

    And I still remember my DH taking me to target to look at something, furniture I think, for my birthday. He gets me to the back and says “or, we could go adopt a kitty or two.” Two kitties? I started crying right there in the store. LOL I’m such a sucker for saving animals.

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