Guilty Pleasures Monday – Phillie’s Chase Utley

With my beloved Mets out of post-season play (again!), I’m rooting for the NL East Champion Phillies to go all the way!

There are so many players on the Phillies that are certified cuties, but I’ll start with Mr. Dependable – Chase Utley. I just love his work ethic and his boy-next-door charm. Did I mention his good looks as well?

Here’s hoping you get another ring, Chase!

Photo Credit: Googie

One thought on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Phillie’s Chase Utley”

  1. Thanks for sharing your “hottie” with us today.I am not into baseball that much so I haven’t seen him before. BTW, my NASCAR “hottie” Tony Stewart won the race yesterday out in CA. I was so excited. Have a great day and a wonderful stress free week. Hugs.

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