Fun Friday – New People and Places for You!

I’ve been participating in the Thursday 13 and also do the #FF on Twitter on Fridays. I thought it might be fun to start up a Fun Friday Meme and allow people to share their blogs, sites and other fun things with you and for you to share your favorite fun places, people or things!

So share yourself or your favorite things in the link down below.

The above photo is of my husband and me having fun chasing after the very popular Harry Potter at Station Platform 9 1/2!

14 thoughts on “Fun Friday – New People and Places for You!”

  1. Caridad,

    This is a seriously cool idea. Since Fridays are my day for posting something weird on my blog there might be interesting results, but then again, with the timezone issue of me being in Australia, it might click over to my Saturday post on weekend activities.

  2. I’ve got a running story up on my blog, but it’s late to start the story as most has been deleted. But, if you like black moments in a romance story, one is coming up either today or this weekend the latest. If you like dragons and Scotland, stop on by.
    Has anybody seen the new HP movie already?

  3. Well I shared myself, although failed a bit on the linky “description…. since its not for Pasta Carb but rather my entire blog. I don’t have a book blog, although I’m seriously thinking about it after having spent the last few weeks perusing all of the great blogs you ladies have out there. I have a food blog, gluten free. Its pretty fun.

  4. Kris, thank you so much for sharing that. I had tears. Will have to make that a regular start to my Friday mornings.

    Caridad, as always, fantastic! (Now to go check out the other fun pages…)

    1. Isn’t it fun, Gail? My stomach hurt from laughing, and I was crying, too. Both British and US versions of that show were *amazing*!

  5. I do a feature called Friday Footage — video clips of various things that either amuse, entertain or stir emotions.

    This week’s bit is *hysterical*, if I do say so myself!

    Fabulous idea, Caridad!


    ps. Is that half a trolly sticking out of the wall in your photo? I love it!

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