Guilty Pleasures Monday – Naughty Santa and a Visit Down Under

Imagine it’s the day after Christmas in the Carrera-Bradford household (Yes, Liliana is too modern to just drop her family name). After days of visits to their Irish and Mexican families and celebrations packed with food, Jesse has to work off a few of those pounds. Since he’s still in Santa mode, why not a little red to keep the holiday cheer going and share his gifts with Liliana?

Jesse Bradford as Naughty Santa

Now I don’t know about you, but this Naughty Santa can come visit any day and not just on Guilty Pleasures Monday!

But it’s a double day of fun here since I’m also taking a trip down under to visit my friend and fellow author Jenny Schwartz at her wonderful blog. Take the trip with me and find out what inspired AZTEC GOLD, my vampire E-novella from Carina Press which will be available online on January 3 and also available as an audio book (more on that as soon as I know the release date).

You can click here to visit Jenny’s blog!

3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Naughty Santa and a Visit Down Under”

  1. I am sorry, I came here with every intention of saying something… And I got terribly distracted… Oh drats….

    Oh man… Let me look at him again to see if he jogs my memory… Oh yeah, he jogs my memory alright… Of another time and place… oh yeah…

    Oh the reason I am here.. To peek in to see how you are doing my dear! Miss you and hope all is well!!! Wanted to come over and give you some hugs!

  2. Oh my, the perfecy Christmas present. I’ll take one please. He can stay until next Christmas when you pickanother one. Have a great day and hugs.

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