Guilty Pleasures Monday – Snowed in!

Between a stomach bug and at least 14-16 inches of snow, I’m not going anywhere today. Of course, that had me wondering which gorgeous men I’d like to get trapped with in a blizzard (besides hubby). So here are my top five men to help heat away a wintry blast.

    1. Tom Selleck
    2. Josh Holloway
    3. Ben Affleck
    4. Johnny Depp
    5. Brad Pitt

So how about you? Who would you like to share a snowy winter day before a blazing fire?

4 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures Monday – Snowed in!”

  1. Gawd, I must be really OLD. I don’t recognize most of the names on these lists. Looks like I’d rather sit by myself…no. There has to be somebody on these lists I can snuggle with in my mind. Hugh Grant out there anywhere?
    Now I gotta look up these guys online to see what they look like. Sigh
    It’s tough to be vintage….

  2. I second Cecile re: Jed Hill! And raise her one Paul Marron! 🙂

    Hugh Jackman
    James Marsden
    (because they both can sing and dance as well as act and are hotties)
    Johnny Depp (of course)

  3. Oh noooo… Well, I hope you got to at least enjoy the food!

    Hummm… Jed Hill comes to mind first and foremost.. then Reid from Criminal Minds… Yeah, it is all about the geeks, lol. And a few of my book men!!!

    Hope you are feeling better honey! Hugs to you!

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