Live Video Event with Rachel Kramer Bussel

OBSESSED Erotic RomanceDon’t forget tonight is the night for sexy talk with Rachel Kramer Bussel! At 9 pm EST, we’ll be chatting about writing erotic romance and OBSESSED, Rachel’s latest anthology of erotic romance for women. It’s an awesome collection of stories that I was lucky enough to read since I did the foreword for the book!

You can click on the widget below to come to the live video event or use this link:

Besides the sexy talk, we’ll have some fun little giveaways also! So set your clocks for 9 pm EST.

2 thoughts on “Live Video Event with Rachel Kramer Bussel”

  1. Gee I have missed every chat you have had so far… and it looks like I will miss out tonight also… tonight is my night to cook and with the time difference… oh well… at times like this, it would be nice to have a laptop… have fun ladies!

  2. Well from the look of Rachel’s picture we have 2 things in common. We both like cupcakes & we have the same name. I like her already. Can’t wait to chat.

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