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Today we are lucky to have with us Leanore Elliott who is her to tell us a little bit about herself and her books!


Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before;
But the silence was unbroken, and the darkness gave no token,
And the only word there spoken was the whispered word, `Lenore!’
This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word, `Lenore!’
Merely this and nothing more.
Edgar Allen Poe ‘Quoth The Raven’

I’ll try to l explain why I start this spot with a stanza by Poe. My Pen name is Leanore Elliott. I took this name for reasons, which others may not fully understand. No—I did not wish to obscure my real name, nor do I write porn, to hide the fact from my family and friends!

I use the name Leanore for one purpose…MAGIC. Yep. Simple ethereal, pixie dust, wand-wielding caldron on the fire—magic.

Yes…I know I’d better keep on with the explanation.

I have always been a bit different, endearingly thought of by others as sweet, giving and just a little—tetched. (chuckle) As a child, I spun stories at family gatherings. I embellished them with incredible accomplishments and feats by magnificent heroes, and of journeys to faraway lands.

I had friends no one else could see. Yes, yes, I know. There are many who claim they had imaginary buddies as a child. Me? I had entire imaginary worlds. I played for hours in places no one else knew existed.

To this very day, my mother tells the stories of what a time she had with me. I would actually disappear on her. Nowhere to be found. Later, after hours of searching, I would suddenly be found in the yard, or my room.

At her glowering face and enraged expression? I would rush on with an answer as to where I was and what I’d been doing. I tried to tell her of fantastic people and colorful places I had just visited. She would grit her teeth as I gave her scare after hair pulling scare.

After raising a family of four kids and traveling all over the US my kids and hubby retired me in 2007. They lovingly told me, go and write those stories. I did, I learned, studied, researched, self published and failed at that. Then, I submitted my stories to publishers and was picked up by three. I proceeded with zeal to learn all I could from nine pro editors. Now, I have my own imprint, Wicked Muse Publishing.

Okay, so I will finally get to the crux of my explanation: Leanore is my Muse. She spins the tales. Some of these stories are just incredibly unique and out of this world! And…I think they may really be from another world entirely. I am just a determined writer, Bonnie Lea Elliott, dedicated to the display of these stories. I am but a glorified editor and formatter. I also, possibly may be really good at channeling.

To give my Muse the credit due her, I gave her part of the billing.

Here is just two brief descriptions out of the 15 stories she’s spun and afterward, you will see why I believe such an outrageous, surreal idea.

BEASTS~The Eyes Of Constance:

A psychic has visions of Serial Killers. She partners with a Homicide Detective. After three years of tracking and stopping these killers, she finds one day that she hadn’t seen anything yet. She finds that her cop partner and best friend isn’t what he seems—he isn’t human at all. He is a Gargoyle, but with no tail, no horns and such. An immortal with superhuman abilities and strength. He can change his appearance as in, his skin can become, marble, stone or even obsidian. He is also sexy as forever is long and promptly shows Constance this.

Can’t tell you more without spoilers. But here is what some readers said in their reviews.

    ” Different and intriguing…”
    “Leanore Elliott took the term Paranormal in a totally new direction.”
    “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore…”
    “The tale begins one way and takes you to a world that you never knew existed.”

The BEASTS Books became what I later called: ‘My Erotic Epiphany’ as Leanore and I spun three full novels in just over 3-month’s time!

Author friends would ask, “How do you write so fast? I’d reply with a shrug, “I was afraid that if I didn’t keep up with the story? I would lose it, as it got ahead of me.” (No one ever replied, “Oh yes! I know what you mean!”)


Glory is a thief and has been groomed all her life, to steal just one thing—the heart stone.

Dell is a thief/killer for hire. He is hired to steal the stone from Glory.

In turn, the stone steals them and their will. It is the heart stone of the Marquis de Sade and he reveals all their innermost fantasies. He takes them on the most erotic ride they’ve ever known, while everyone around them is trying to kill them both, in order to get the coveted stone.

    “I have to say it was sex-citing, all the manipulation and sex-apades had me going ga ga.”
    “…More please!!”
    “The sex scenes are absolutely smoking. This book should have its own warning label.”

Leanore and I went on to produce 10 books in one year. In 2011 so far, we’ve penned 4 more. My family thought they ‘d lost me to some obsessive artist’s world, where I did not respond to even the loudest booms in the house. I never heard whenever anyone spoke to me at all.

The stories just flowed out through my mind, down my arms and onto the keyboard. I went through four keyboards in 2010 and my friends joked: You literally burned them up! They would wisecrack about smoke rising from the keys.

I become a child again, perhaps…Lost in those worlds, which were built in front of my eyes. Magic, I say and truly, I believe this over any other explanation.

I want to thank my old friend, Caridad Pineiro for having me as her guest today here on her wonderful site.
(Leanore gives you all a ‘Wicked Wink’)

Please see all our books at these websites:

Listamania Page: http://www.amazon.com/Books-by-Leanore-Elliott/lm/R3ELV11ZSQT7H2/ref=cm_lmt_srch_f_1_rsrsrs1

1 PLACE FOR ROMANCE: http://1placeforromance.com/index.php?search=Wicked%20Muse%20Books&_a=viewAffsearchMe=Wicked%20Muse%20Books&column=publisher

Wicked Muse Website: http://wickedmusepublishing.webs.com/

Leanore’s Home: http://captivesouls.weebly.com/-leanores-home.html

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  1. I just wanted to thank Caridad and all of my friends who stopped by.They are always there with some love.
    I am so proud of Caridad’s success and I know her star will become even brighter.
    What a wonderful blog site!

  2. Wonderful blog post my wicked friend! You are continually entertaining and inspiring! Best wishes always!

    ~ Melanie Nowak
    Author of the Venomous Vampire series ALMOST HUMAN

  3. Leanore –
    Such an entertaining post, and really interesting stuff about your childhood! Truth is stranger than fiction, isn’t it?
    If anyone hasn’t yet read the 3 Beasts books, they’re in for a real treat – I loved them (book 3 will be published very soon). ‘Revealed’ is also a lovely, hot read.
    Keep up the fantastic work, Leanore.

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  4. Ah Leanore,
    You hooked me in from the very first description of your book and I have been a fan every since. We need to do a Halloween piece on my blog. You writing makes my job worth doing! Great post my friend and keep blowing up those keyboards you two;)!

  5. Leanore, I can’t call you Bonnie. You’ve been “Wicked” to me ever since we met. You are an inspiration and a great friend. Keep your magic flowing.

    Love yuh!

  6. Hey Leanore/ Bonnie Lea

    You have been my Muse forever…. I think since the EPIC Soul Series….
    Keep those fingers moving, and keyboards humming.
    Tell Caridad I say Hi…Love her books too

    grammy/aka Glory

  7. Great interview, Bonnie, or should I say, Leanore!

    I’m so proud of you! 🙂

    Wishing you much success.


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