Taking a Break…

I am soooo busy working on the next Diana and Ryder novel, BORN TO SERVE, which will be out in January 2013. It is soooo exciting to be working with some of my favorite characters of all time! I’ve already started to update THE CALLING site for the launch of the next 5 (yes five) books in THE CALLING/THE REBORN series starting in December 2012.

I hope you’ll forgive me then if I take a little break this week since I want to focus on that novel, although I will try to jump on later in the week to share some Christmas photos and some shore photos (where I’m taking my writing break!)

But be sure to drop by tomorrow for a guest visit from one of my fellow authors, Amanda Arista!

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3 thoughts on “Taking a Break…”

  1. You deserve a break. Enjoy (but keep writing).Looking forward to pictures. I hope your New Year is full of all things good. Relax and stay safe. Hugs.

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