Remember Our #Military This Memorial Day

It’s hard to believe it’s almost Memorial Day, the traditional start of the summer season for so many. But if you don’t already, take a moment to remember why this is Memorial Day while your embracing Life, enjoying Liberty and Pursuing Happiness.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Freedom. We would not have it except for the sacrifices of our military men, women and their families. So this weekend, take a moment to take part in services honoring our fallen, wounded and those who currently serve. Buy a red poppy from a vet and display it proudly. Visit a military cemetery and leave flowers or a flag or just take a moment to say a prayer for those that have fallen or for the safety of those that still serve.

If you’re one of the people who have so kindly contributed to my project for HOPE FOR THE WARRIORS, display your pin or tote bag (I just sent out a batch yesterday so you should have them soon!).

Thank you all for being here with me and may you all have a nice Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Home of the Free Because of the Brave

7 thoughts on “Remember Our #Military This Memorial Day”

  1. Thanks you. I am a retired Navy girl with friends still deployed. I send them something humorous every day because it’s never easy to be away for months on end. I encourage you to find your local VFW – they send care packages to our troops and your donations are ALWAYS greatly appreciated (please ask whats needed – you probably wouldnt think of the things we really needed!) – They also sent phone cards so we could call home without worrying out the strain on our pocketbooks!

  2. My husband was a WW2 vet. My son and daughter are vets. My son-in-law is serving now. My brothers were vets. We seem to have been a military family for many years. I am thankful for all of them and so proud that they answered the call. Everyone have a great week-end

  3. We used to always attend the Memorial Service that was at the firehouse where I grew up… Since moving years ago I can say that I miss that tradition.
    We have a flag out everyday, but for special times we hang our full size flag out over the house entryway.
    Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe Memorial weekend!

  4. We always hang out flag on Memorial day and usually attend a BBQ or two. We have some veterans in the family and they all do different things too.

  5. My father-in-law is a vet. This monday is his day at our house. Enkoy your weekend.—Rachel

  6. We should always remember our soldiers!!!They are what keep us free in this world of controversies. I had 2 grandfathers who were in WW1 and 2, father in law in WW2, brother in law in Afghanistan, now retired from the forces and nephew in the Forces now. Each and every day we should think of our men and women in uniform.

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