Do you have Monkey Butt?

I’ve always believed that a day that you don’t learn something new is a day wasted. So Sunday I learned about Monkey Butt. Yes, you read that right, Monkey Butt. I had to run to my local drug store and while perusing the shelves, I ran across this product.

This was news to me on Sunday. Monkey butt. Just the words, coupled with the label, conjured up all kinds of ideas on how one might get this affliction. According to Urban Dictionary, you can get it from riding a motorcycle for too long or even from just sweaty activities.

If I had to engage in such a sweaty activity, I know exactly which one it would be.

Oh no, ladies, please get your minds out of the gutter! I was talking about those long strolls I do down the boardwalk in the heat of the summer. What did you think I meant? LOL!

Hope you all had a good laugh today and just keep in mind, if you need some relief, check out this product. It might even be a great way to deal with diaper rash if you’ve got little ones. I wish I had known about it back then. Would have spared me and my little one many a tear.

FYI: I claim no rights in the trademarks, copyright or any other rights in this product. I just thought it was kind of interesting. All rights belong to Anti Monkey Butt Corporation.

5 thoughts on “Do you have Monkey Butt?”

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  2. Never heard of this “Monkey Butt” before, and if I have the rash or chafed butt, it won’t be the first thing I think of as remedy. And just HOW did they know what a monkey butt supposed to look like, did s’one really look that close if the monkey butt really sweatin!?!?!! I don’t know what YOU meant by “sweaty activity”, but the one that came to mind right away (sorry can’t help it, it just sorta popped up!), has never been a problem, I can tell ya that much. 😛 If “strolling along the boardwalk” gives you that much grief, maybe you should try the other “sweaty activity” in the heat of summer or not. 😛 😀

  3. Would you believe that I actually have some of this. My BFF bought some of this for the PS Girls as a practical joke a few years back (I had forgotten that I had it). What a Hoot! Thanks for reminding me that I have it in the cabinet. In this heat, I might need it.

  4. I have never heard of that product but it sounds good. I will look at my pharmacy and if it’s available, I will give it a try. I get chafed in some areas and up to now have depended on baby powder for relief. If I find and try it I will let you know if it works.

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